Session 53: Master Lee & Master Nick

Master Nick and Master Lee stride onto the construction site and find slutty bottom stuart hanging around.

Ordering stuart to strip to his underwear the guys give him a wedgie, pulling the material right up into his arse crack and making him cry out in pain. This fucker shouldn’t even be on their construction site – time to teach him a few lessons in obedience and humility.

With one of his dirty work boots planted squarely on the back of stuart’s head, Lee orders the sub to start cleaning the other boot using just his tongue… paying extra special attention to detailing the laces. Meanwhile Nick pulls out a marker pen and brands across stuart’s back the words ‘cock slut’ – this bottoms new name, in permanent ink. How humiliating.

Making ‘cock slut’ crawl about the floor on his hands and knee’s, Nick wants his sweaty workman’s arse crack cleaned by stuart’s tongue and it had better be a good job or this lazy cunt will find out just how vicious these Masters can be. Lee lays a helpful hand on the back of stuart’s head, ramming the sub’s face and protruding tongue down into Nick moist crevice. In short, stuart does a crap job, receiving a verbal lashing from the guys along with firm hard hand slaps to his head, body and arse for his lame efforts.

Given another chance to prove himself a worthy bottom, stuart is made to beg for the privilege of cleaning out Master Lee’s equally sweaty bum crack, receiving a thrashing with a wooden paddle if his enthusiasm falls or fails to impress his superiors. Again stuart’s efforts are less than impressive…

Lee is angry that stuart isn’t carrying out his Master’s orders to their full satisfaction and Lee’s temper blows. Throwing the sub to the floor like a piece of discarded rubbish, Lee and Nick trample the lazy fucker with their boots, leaving dirty tread marks embedded in stuart’s skin to show where they’ve trod on him. ‘Cock slut’ is still not fully responding to his Master’s orders, even after Lee smacks the sub’s testicles with the paddle and tramples stuart’s cock with his boots.

Nick loosens his jeans a little and sits down, covering stuart’s face with his arse as Lee restricts the sub’s arm movements by standing on his wrists. With stuart’s hands immobilised and rendering him defenseless, Lee can have lots of fun tormenting the sub with vicious nipple torment, tugging at ‘cock sluts’ flesh and causing him excruciating agony.

The training session with stuart isn’t meeting Nicks usual high standards. He will allow stuart one last chance to prove himself as a worthy bottom or he will unleash hell-fire on the lazy bastard.

Shrugging off the rest of his clothes, Master Nick sticks his cock into stuart’s eager open mouth, ordering the slutty sub to suckle his penis. With Nick’s erection growing, Lee pushes hard on the back of ‘cock sluts’ head making him swallow more of his Master’s hardon, gagging and almost damaging the poor cunt to the point of tears welling up in the sub’s eyes.

The Tops swap places so Master Lee’s cock can be serviced by stuart’s slobbering mouth and tongue. Nick sticks his knee into the back of ‘cock sluts’ head as Lee thrusts forward ramming his thick juicy young cock deep into stuart’s throat, laughing as stuart gasps momentarily for air before Lee order’s him back to sucking his dick.

Working the sub relentlessly, Nick and Lee stand side by side, each demanding that stuart service their cock and balls with his mouth, back and forth, back and forth. The sub’s efforts are still not up to scratch. Maybe a little motivation may elicit a better performance? Lee kisses Nick fully on the lips, the Top’s tongues exploring deep inside each others wet mouths…. It’s all just a cruel tease, something ‘cock slut’ would die for a chance of doing with his Masters, but will never be given the chance. The torment must be almost unbearable for the exhausted sub.

Attaching a leash to stuart’s neck, the Top’s lead him through a series of anal trials, demanding he rims each of their puckered crap holes in turn and using the collar restraint to keep a tight connection between stuart’s face and their arse holes.

Master Nick and Master Lee are not impressed by stuart’s lame efforts. It has been shit. He is a worthless little cock slut. To show how pissed off they are they degrade the "dirty fucking cunt" by gobbing into his face and open mouth, long drools of spittle dribbled onto the stuart’s lips and tongue, smearing his face in sputum and ordering him to swallow it all down.

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