Session 50: Master Lee & Master Nick

Master Nick strides into the exercise area, crop in hand, to find ben with a bit in his mouth and a lead hanging from it. Tapping the bottom’s balls with the end of his leather crop, Nick can’t help laughing at how pathetic and scared ben looks as his Master orders him down on to all fours.

Climbing on the sub’s back, Nick rides the pony around the yard, swishing the crop across ben’s arse to get the pony moving as he demands, completely under his Master’s control. The sub’s arse cheeks begin to flame red with welts as Nick grows more and more impatient at the miserable effort ben seems to be putting into the task and commands being given to him.

Nick hands the reins over to Master Lee to see if he is more successful. Pony ben is in for a rude awakening if he thinks his feeble effort will go unpunished by this aggressive Top. Lee takes no prisoners. Especially if they are a worthless bottom.

Lee uses his crop to meter out more punishment on ben’s arse. The bottom’s muscles ache from carrying the full weight of each of his Masters on his back around the exercise yard. It was only going to be a matter of time before his legs finally buckle and give way. Lee doesn’t hold back with the crop, letting ben feel just how pissed off he is with him and the crap effort he is making.

Aiming to exhaust the pony and work it into the ground, both Nick and Lee ride on ben’s back around the yard, verbally abusing the pathetic bottom’s efforts and adding stripes to his already glowing arse cheeks with the crop each time he stops or collapses.

The Top’s have worked ben so hard they decide to give him a water break, to see if that might improve his crap performance. But being Brutal Tops, this won’t be just an ordinary rest period. They ride ben to a pig trough filled with gruel and order him to start lapping it up, adding snot, gob and copious amounts of Master’s piss into the trough and ben’s mouth as he feeds.

The Masters take a leisurely break from the training session, smoking a cigarette and using ben as a seat while making the sub lick the dirt off of their feet and from between their toes. Drawing hard on their cigarettes the waste ash is flicked off into ben’s open mouth for him to eat. Making sure no ash is wasted, Master Nick holds the sub’s nostrils closed, ordering him swallow the contents in his mouth, showing his ashened tongue and empty mouth to his Master afterwards.

Another humiliation lays in store for ben. Led on his rein by Master Nick to a wet patch of earth in the yard, the sub is repeatedly pulled down into the dirt as Lee and Nick’s feet push hard on ben’s back to keep his head and body firmly submerged in the stinking mud.

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Duration: 17:30
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