Session 48: Master Lee & Master Nick

The thought of being brutalised and used by a gang of sweaty, masculine construction workers must be high on the wish-list for most bottoms… including total sub, ben.

Restained in a Y head harness with a ball gag in his mouth, hands rope tied behind his back and a leg spreader strapped to his ankles, ben has been left for the builders to find, then use and defile as they see fit.

Master Lee strides in first, tooled up and sweaty from a day working on site. Yanking on the sub’s prick for some fun, Lee teases ben that his penis has started to get hard. Hand slapping the sub’s arse cheeks until they redden, the outline of Lee’s fingers marking ben’s flesh as the sub writhes and pulls against his rope restraints to avoid more stinging punishment.

Lee has a sadistic side which he fully intends to inflict on ben. Fetching a wooden paddle Lee goads and spanks the sub, delighting in ben’s moans as his handiwork paints a pattern of red and blue marks across the sub’s arse. Lee plans to frustrate then humiliate ben so once again tugs at the bottom’s cock, this time while finger fucking ben’s anus, yanking faster and faster on the sub’s cock while his dirty, rough workman fingers pummel ben’s arse making the sub’s cock rigid.

Sensing the sub is getting far too much pleasure from having his bum hole finger fucked, Lee rips out his digit and slaps the sub’s hardening prick with his hand. Frustrating ben like this makes Lee laugh, slapping the sub’s cock a few more times for good measure.

Master Nick arrives just after Lee has inserted a glass butt plug into ben’s anal cavity. Joining in, Nick adds a few hand slaps across the sub’s already bright red arse cheeks, followed by use of the wooden paddle on ben’s behind. This sub won’t be able to sit down for days.

Ben isn’t the most responsive of subs so Nick will teach this dirty little fuck pig a lesson. Pulling out the butt plug, Nick drops his jeans and sticks his hard cock into ben, grabbing a handful of the sub’s waist in each hand as he ruins the bottom with some ferocious fucking. Ordering the bottom to stop moving and stand still while he gets fucked by Nick, Lee starts slapping ben’s cock each time he moves.

Denying the sub any form of enjoyment or pleasure while getting fucked, Lee attaches a cock chastity collar and sheath over ben’s balls and cock. Now any attempt to get hard will be both painful and futile for ben.

The Tops swap and Lee gets a turn to ruin ben’s arse with his cock. Nick has a present for the dirty little cunt – a shower of hot Master’s piss.

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Duration: 15:34
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