Session 45: Masters Chris, Toby, Lee & John

It’s lunchtime in the correctional centre and the guys head off for their scram. Trustee inmate Master Toby has the cushy job of dishing out the slop, overseen by Warden Chris.

Slutty bottom neil is the last prisoner in line today. Knowing what an evil sadistic bastard Master Toby can be, surely he should think twice before questioning the food that has been given to him… But this dumbass just can’t help himself…

Toby will exploit any opportunity to show the other inmates he is in charge, so when this bottom asks for gravy on his meatloaf, that’s exactly what he’ll get – Brutal Tops style. Drawing phlegm from the back of his throat, Toby gobs on the food and then continues slopping out the dessert, minus the custard.

I think this sub is thick or just enjoys his punishment. As if he didn’t learn anything from his first question, he now asks Toby for custard on his pudding, receiving another serving of gob from Master Toby. Pushed back to his seat by Warden Chris, the sub slowly starts picking at his food. Another wrong move. Chris is in no mood for a sub who shows no respect and won’t eat his greens. Taking the spoon from neil, Chris loads food into the bottom’s mouth, adding a helping of his own gob to wash the food down.

Toby and the other Tops join Chris abusing neil, getting him on the floor with the Warden holding him in a head lock. Maybe this sub has a problem chewing his food? The Tops take turns chewing then spitting meat, potatoes and veg into neil’s mouth, making him swallow every morsel of food these kind Tops have prepared for him, all washed down with lots of ‘gravy’

Master Chris wants to teach this sub some manners and respect so orders the inmates to strip the bottom naked. Reaching for his handcuffs, Chris secures neil’s hands behind his back as the sub’s bum gets some seriously hard hand slaps, reddening his arse cheeks.

Chris’ boots has food splashed on them from the ungrateful bottom not eating his scram properly. Lesson one will be to make neil clean the boots using just his mouth and tongue, with some added ‘gravy’ supplied by the other Tops.

Lee decides something is missing so fires a snot rocket into the mix along with more gob from Toby. These Tops are really laying into neil as he tongue bathes Master Chris’s boots, hand slapping his arse cheeks, kicking him and verbally abusing his pathetic efforts.

Toby has had enough. Climbing onto the prone sub’s back he lets neil feel his full weight, treading up and down on the bottom like a door mat. Placing his foot squarely on the side of the sub’s head, his rubber grip on the sole bites into neil’s ear lobe making it painful to move and reach Chris’s dirty boots. Neil’s mouth is slurping up the mess like prison hoover so Chris rewards him with a dessert – again Brutal Tops style.

John strips off and squats down so his firm muscular arse can be eaten by neil. Collecting a bottle of the Warden’s brown ale from the kitchen, Toby pours the contents down John’s sweaty arse crack and crappy hole into the bottom’s open mouth. Moving the slutty bottom onto his back, John lowers his arse so it’s just above neil’s face and Toby continues pouring the brown ale.

The bottom seems to like his reward so Master Chris orders Toby to give the sub some home grown ale instead. Dropping his jogging trousers round his ankles, Toby pulls out his penis and unloads a torrent of piss across John’s arse crack and into neil’s willing mouth. Chris commands neil to swallow it all then thank his kind Master’s for today’s nourishing meal.

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