Session 44: Masters Chris, Toby, Lee & John

First task of a prisoners day before breakfast – ablutions, or as Master Chris would put it ‘a shit, shave and shower’

The borstal inmates are lined up outside the bathroom waiting for their turn in the bathroom – the further down the line you are the more grimy the facilities will be and no one wants to be in that position today. It was curry for scran last night and to follow 20 other people into the khazi is going to make things very ripe in there.

Trustee inmate Master Toby lines up behind no one. He is top in this place, so when bottom neil tuts loudly at his place in the queue being jumped, Toby turns on him. Is this sub for real? Maybe he’s just plain stupid.

Taking the bottom’s toothbrush from him, Toby drops his pants and rubs the handle and brush head around his puckered anus and into his hole, each time feeding it back into neil’s mouth to savour the flavour of Toby’s bum. The sub protests and struggles as he is restrained by Lee and John which only serves to make Toby laugh and shove the toothbrush further up his sweaty young crack.

Master Chris is finished in the toilet and takes Toby’s place tormenting the helpless bottom as Toby heads off into the toilet for a shit.

Chris cleaned most of his arse with toilet paper but maybe he shouldn’t have bothered as he has a willing mouth on hand to use instead. Unbuttoning his prison uniform trousers, Chris drops his ripe sweaty arse onto the face of the prone bottom, ordering him to tongue bathe his crack and hole of any detritus the toilet paper may have missed. John and Lee hold neil down as Chris sits fully on the bottom’s face.

Toby meanwhile has had his crap but couldn’t find any toilet paper to wipe with. It’s his lucky day. Bottom neil has done such a good job on Chris’s arse the guys decide to ram a wad of loo roll in the bottom’s mouth and use his head as an oversized brush to wipe the dirt from Toby’s backside. His muffled protests are ignored by the Tops who continue to push and pull his head across Toby’s filthy hole.

I wonder if this bottom regrets tutting at one of his superiors yet? Toby plans to give neil a few more opportunities to reflect on it as he pushes the dirty used toilet paper into the bottom’s mouth, ordering him to eat every last piece.

This dumb arsed bottom is really paying for his mistake now. No shower today for Toby as neil’s mouth is used to clean the Top’s body, tongue bathing his sweaty armpits and deep cleaning in between Toby’s crappy arse crack.

Extending his night stick, Master Chris has a ‘treat’ for neil. Ordering Lee and John to lift up the bottom’s legs, Chris rubs the stick across the sub’s exposed hole before pushing a good few inches of it into neil’s rectum. With Toby’s arse firmly planted on neil’s face, the bottom’s muffled moans can’t be heard as Chris begins to fuck his arse with the night stick.

John is enjoying abusing neil so much he almost forgot it was his turn to use the toilet. Not to worry, he’ll use this as an opportunity to further humiliate the bottom. Tugging his cock out over the waistband of his shorts John unloads a torrent of hot morning piss over the sub’s cock and balls. Turning his hips slightly, the stream of yellow stinking liquid now splashes over neil’s face and open mouth much to the enjoyment of the other Tops.

That puts neil well and truly, and very humiliatingly, in his place.

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