Session 43: Masters Terry, Toby, Lee & John

One privilege the young offenders in the correctional facility look forward to is visiting day, but Warden Terry has found a bottle in one of the inmates lockers and being classed as contraband, means visiting day is cancelled.

The other inmates are pissed off at having a key privilege stopped. Stuart, the owner of the locker where the contraband was found is in for some serious punishment from the other guys for this. He claims the filthy stuff isn’t his, but with prison staff having the only other key, he is either lying or Master Terry really has it in for him.

The lads quickly round on stuart, they want to teach him a lesson he won’t forget in a hurry. Aided by the Warden, they gut punch him to the ground and rip stuart’s clothes off him, leaving him naked and humiliated on the floor.

Master Terry thinks that as stuart likes the filthy liquid so much he should swallow some. Not from the bottle or a glass but poured off of the warden’s arse crack. The inmates roughly restrain stuart, Master Toby placing his foot in the struggling bottom’s crotch, pressing hard against his ball sack.

With Terry’s arse positioned over stuart’s face, the filthy stuff is poured down the sweaty crack and exposed crap hole so it trickles and splashes into stuart’s open mouth. Toby meanwhile is ramming his training shoe harder and harder into stuart’s crotch, treading backwards and forwards across the pathetic bottom’s ballsack and cock as he pulls hard on stuart’s raised leg to increase the downward pressure his foot is exerting on the sub’s crotch and balls.

Terry lowers his wet arse over stuart’s mouth making the bottom eat his wet hole. The other Top’s lay into the prone fucker with their feet, kicking at his arse, arms, ribs and stomach as they all vent their anger over the cancelled visitors day.

Lee and John join in the verbal attack as Master Terry grinds his exposed arse down harder and harder on the bottom’s face, laughing at stuart’s pathetic effort at eating the warden’s pungent anus. Toby doesn’t suffer fools easily and deciding stuart is being less than enthusiastic at the task he has been given, punches and kicks the bottom, ordering him to stick his tongue in Terry’s hole as he stomps on stuart’s cock and balls.

Master Toby releases his grip on stuart’s leg and tramples the cunt with his trainers, the contoured sports grip biting into stuart’s skin as the masterful Top treads with his full weight across the bottom’s belly, walking back and forth on the prone sub and standing on stuart’s penis. Enjoying the moans and protest from stuart, Toby continues to trample the bottom’s cock and balls.

The Top’s decide this bottom needs to learn more respect for his Masters, so take it in turns to swig from the bottle and spit the filthy stuff into stuart’s mouth. Warden Terry has another idea to make this sub learn his place. Stripping off, he again positions his arse above stuart’s open mouth.

Almost as if it was pre-planned, Toby tugs down the front of his jogging trousers and pulls out his flaccid penis. Rolling back the foreskin covering the head of his cock, Toby aims across Terry’s arse and unleashes a torrent of hot piss down across the warden’s crack and hole, ordering stuart to swallow it as it flows over the bottom’s face and mouth. Toby is a sadistic brute and judging by the thickening of his cock really enjoys the punishments he dishes out.

The bottom may finally be learning his place as he cleans the last of the piss from Terry’s arse with his tongue.

The Warden and Tops however have one last humiliation for stuart, just in case he needs reminding of who is in charge in this prison. Getting in close, they each cough up, gob and spit into stuart’s face hitting his eyes and open mouth with their phlegm.

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