Session 41: Master Mike & Master Daryl

Brutal Masters Mike and Daryl are in the Top’s gym. After their last session, collegeboi showed a tendency for laziness which his Masters will not tolerate at any level. The session today is to teach this sub his place and how to take orders without question, no matter how humiliating the tasks get. If he doesn’t fall in line he’ll find himself at the short end of a lot of verbal and get a good thrashing into the bargain. If he does well, who knows what rewards he might be permitted.

With his arms bound tightly by ropes, the bottom shuffles on his knees across the floor to where Mike and Daryl are stood. Master Mike’s sweaty feet are going to be first to feel the wet tongue of collegeboi. Licking across his Master’s whole foot, paying special attention to detailing between Mike’s toes, every inch gets bathed.

Daryl is up next. His toes get sniffed and sucked by collegeboi who is trying to do his best to avoid the verbal assault both his Master’s are giving him, but his ‘best’ just isn’t good enough, which earn him a few stinging hand slaps as well.

The Tops are in a generous mood today and Mike’s hairy torso might be given to the sub to clean, using just his tongue of course, but only if he begs enough for the privilege. Motivated by the chance to lick Master Mike’s body collegeboi pleads to Daryl and Mike to let him, making the Tops laugh at his pitiful display.

Given the privilege of servicing Mike’s hairy stomach, belly button, chest and nipples with his sloppy tongue, surely is couldn’t get any better for a bottom like collegeboi, but it does. Daryl removes his shirt and the sub is allowed to clean, with the full respect due, a tattoo on Daryl’s right arm.

Mike pulls down his shorts just a fraction so his pubic hair shows over the top of the waist band. With the bottom begging Mike and Daryl for the honour of seeing their cocks, both Tops remove their shorts. Collegeboi is first allowed to smell his Master’s pungent crotch then suck one of Master Daryl’s testicles.

The lazy fucker is improving so Master Mike has one last privilege to bestow on this bottom. To be allowed to sniff then service Mike’s anus with just his tongue. Grabbing a handful of collegeboi’s hair, Daryl guides the lucky bottom’s face into the crack between Mike’s perfect arse cheeks. Instantly the slutty bottom’s tongue goes to work cleaning his Master’s shitty hole.

After being given the privilege of serving both Master’s feet, bodies and ripe arse holes, Master Mike knows what this lazy cunt really wants. Following collegeboi’s eye line, he sees the bottom’s attention is focused on his penis. The sub wants to suck Mike’s cock, so that will be the one pleasure Mike will deny him, for today at least, until he decides collegeboi has earned it.

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