Session 40: Master Terry & Master Toby

In the Correction Hall gym trustee inmate Master Toby is breaking in new bottom gummer. Two other inmates, Master John and Master Lee are joining in on the assault as Warden Terry looks on.

Watching the lads brutalise gummer has been enjoyable for Terry, so rather than just making the fat cunt lick his shoes, Terry whips out his cock and pisses into the bottom’s mouth. He then makes the bottom clean his cock using just his mouth and wet tongue. As the bottom sucks Terry’s length it begins to grow in size. This is the cue for him to tell John and Lee it’s time for them to leave. Terry has some business to sort out, just with Master Toby and the bottom.

When Lee and John have gone, Warden Terry pulls his thick long cock back out of his jogging pants and orders the bottom to continue sucking it. Without a word being said, Toby instinctively slips a hand under the waistband of his shorts and begins to slowly rub his own cock. It’s as if these two brutes have betrayed their trusted position of authority together before. Many times…

Terry grows a large erection with gummer suckling on it. The bottom is struggling to fit all of Master Terry’s long thickening penis in his mouth. Bathing Master Terry’s balls with his tongue, gummer is then ordered to start sucking Toby’s own hardening dick. Presented with two stiff Master’s cocks to service the bottom goes back and forth between them both. Terry and Toby are so turned on they begin kissing each other, stripping off their shirts as gummer continues to suck their cocks.

Then the cock-hungry bastard tucks in to both cocks together, his mouth stretched as the Top’s ram into the wet opening at the same time, each shaft rubbing against the other as they squeeze between the bottom’s moist lips.

Pushing the sleazy cunt onto all fours, Terry orders his dick to be serviced by the bottom’s hungry mouth while Master Toby kneels behind gummer and sticks his hard cock into the sub’s slutty arsehole. Feeding his whole length down into gummer’s throat, Terry chokes the bastard. Toby meanwhile fucks the sub for all he is worth, grasping the bottom’s shoulder for leverage and burying his young cock deep into gummer’s bowel.

One last humiliation for this apprentice sub awaits. Any bottom wishing to be worthy of servicing such powerful Masters as Terry and Toby must not only obey their every command but also their semen without wasting a single drop. A task this sleazy cunt performs with flying colours as first Terry then Toby unload in his mouth.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 12:50
Video: 960×540, Windows Media Video 9, 2288kbps
Audio: 62kbps

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