Session 4: Master Maurice & Master Jon

Cage fighter Jon has a bout scheduled for later in the week and is training on the punch bag with Master Mo. Jon looks incredibly hot in just shorts, his muscular body the peak of perfection and ready to defeat all comers. An attractive sheen of sweat builds up and both tops are enjoying their gym time when they are interrupted by the door bell. A wimpy looking college boi has turned up. The sissy had been cruising outside a cinema earlier that day, looking for men’s cocks to suck on. His luck was in and Master Mo invited him to visit. Now here he is looking at not one but 2 hard tops who he hopes will root him.

His session begins by gazing in awe at Master Jon and then he is instructed to sniff Jon’s arse and then his feet. The dirty lad even licks the grubby soles, relishing the sweat and how it smells like cum. Seeing how much of a sub college boi is the tops prize open his mouth and gob into it, making him gag. The tops notice what a thick and heavy belt the sub is wearing. Mo yanks it out of the trousers and pulls the lad’s pants down exposing his lilly-white arse. The aggressive top proceeds to belt him, quickly drawing huge angry welts across his backside. On his knees he gets to sniff Mo’s crotch but it’s not all fun as Jon now has the belt and the fighter dishes out a Singapore-style thrashing across the tearful boi’s rear. Bent right over Jon shoves his meaty foot up into the sub’s anus causing untold agony. Jon thrusts hard and deep, fucking the bottom-boi aggressively. They humiliate him further by making him lick Jon’s crappy foot clean.

Mo takes the belt and wraps it tightly around boi’s throat making his head go beet-red. He must then use his teeth to pull down Master Jon’s shorts. Slowness is punished with evil face slaps.

Having stripped Master Jon virtually naked the lucky boi is made to lick the sweat off his stunning body. The fighter’s armpits are the source of torrents of lovely hot sweat that college boi laps up and swallows. Pecs & abs are next, the procedure all controlled by Master Mo who dishes out face slaps for the slightest failing, spitting into his face for added emphasis.

Then something unexpected happens. College boi is allowed to stand while Master Mo stoops down and undoes the boi’s shoelaces! It’s not a switch of roles though. Mo is removing the lace to tie tightly around the sub’s pathetic little stump that passes for a penis. Replete with his pretty little bow the boi can now finish the job by stripping himself completely. The naked bottom has to worship Master Jon’s cock, sniffing it and then licking it delicately. He begins to suck on it and does a good job. Too good actually as Jon’s cock grows so large and thick that college boi begins to splutter on it. This warrants more slaps and verbal causing the boi to become quite tearful. He receives no pity whatsoever and has to get straight back down sucking on the fighter’s meat while Maurice also strips naked. College boi’s mouth can barely contain Jon’s monster meat, it really is so very large. The kid has no choice now though. Maurice pulls his mouth open while Jon fucks his throat causing kid to splutter and gag painfully but the tops continue regardless. Boi’s throat is pummelled so much that he regurgitates. This receives zero sympathy and he must clean Jon’s cock of the filth with his mouth, swallowing it all back down.

College boi clearly wanted a harsh session and this is what he’s getting. He is ordered to lick up and swallow his own vomit, into which Maurice adds his own delicious spit. Laying his naked body down in it, boi’s arms and legs are grasped by the 2 tops who use him as a human mop to clean the remainder of the dirt off the floor. As a reward for this Mo allows the lad to suck on his succulent cock, but this too becomes a source of utter torment. Mo uses all his athleticism to throat fuck the lad and as the cock pushes deeply down into his stomach the bottom vomits over and over again. But there is no respite from the erect cock assaulting his throat. This is what cocksuckers want and deserve. A really heavy introduction to aggressive tops for this sub.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 24:47
Video: 960×540, Windows Media Video 9, 2466kbps
Audio: 62kbps

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