Session 39: Masters Terry, Toby, Lee & John

Even good subs go bad. I question the real motive behind a crime when committed by a sleazy sex pig who then finds himself locked away for 24 hours a day in close confinement to hundreds of sex starved brutal thugs, all vying to be the alpha male on the block and dealing out punishments or beatings on a daily basis to display their authority or satisfy their need to dominate a weaker inmate.

Inside the correctional facility for young men, warden Master Terry is supervising an exercise session in the gym. The inmates are shooting basketball hoops but prison bottom gummer is shit at it and they all tell him so. Feeling humiliated in front of the warden from all the verbal he is getting from the others, gummer repeatedly shoots the ball trying for the hoop but misses. A bell sounds calling the warden away.

Like a pack of animals sensing a weak member amongst them, the inmates round on gummer. Led by East European thug Lee and (not so) innocent looking Toby, they plan to make gummer their bitch today and teach him some lessons about being on their wing. With the sub held from behind, prison boxer Toby lands a few gut punches on the sub, dropping him to his knees as Lee pushes the sub down towards the floor. This bitch is going to start learning his place by tongue bathing Toby’s shoes.

Toby shouts orders at gummer as John joins in on the assault. The Tops have gummer under their control, licking as instructed every inch of the sweaty training shoe. John kicks and stomps on the useless bottom as his frustration rises. John, Toby and Lee finally have an outlet for all their pent up aggression, the power they are feeling as they exert control over gummer spurs them on.

Pulling the bottom’s arm behind his back into a lock, Toby can now steer gummer wherever he wants. John’s shoes are next for the slobbering sub’s mouth, Toby still verbally humiliating gummer, telling him what a fucking shit job he is doing. Can this sub do nothing right?

Gummer is so shit at cleaning shoes with his tongue, Toby decides to see how he fares cleaning an arse hole instead. Tugging down his gym shorts and bending over, Toby presents his young, almost hairless shit shute to gummer for cleaning. The sweaty gym session has made it wet and ripe. Sensing gummer hesitate starting his new task, John grabs the subs head with both hands and rams it between Toby’s cheeks. Gummer has no option but to slurp the masterful Top’s pungent hole with his mouth, burying his tongue as ordered, deep into the rectum of his new Master.

Still not satisfied that gummer has fully resigned to becoming his bitch, Toby uses the sub’s mouth as his personal urinal, splashing hot Master’s piss over gummer’s face as he fills the sub’s throat with a bladder full of urine. John prises open the sub’s mouth as gummer chokes trying to swallow the endless flow. Even at this task he is a shit bitch, giving Toby reason to verbally humiliate ummer and deliver more punches and slaps for spilling piss over the floor.

Living up to his name, gummer is now ordered to suck the remaining dribbles of piss from Toby’s cock and foreskin. At last a task this bitch seems adept at doing.

Master Terry returns and seeing gummer on the floor with Toby’s penis in his mouth wants to know what’s happening. The inmates explain that they are teaching gummer to be their bitch, but he is shit at all the tasks they have given him. After a few years working at the Correctional facility, Warden Terry is an expert at dishing out humiliating punishments at the expense of others. Reaching into his pocket he pulls out a painful looking glass butt plug.

Stripping the bottom naked the inmates position gummer on all fours ready to receive his anal punishment. Gobbing into the sub’s exposed hole, Master Terry inserts the plug, twisting and pushing it deeper until gummer’s sphincter pulls it into place, much to the amusement and laughter of the other Tops. Terry, being an inventive Master isn’t finished with this sub just yet. Attaching a clip and cord to gummer’s foreskin, Terry pulls on the cord so the sub’s cock can be tied to the butt plug protruding from his arse.

With his cock tormented, the Tops get gummer to crawl around on all fours kissing and worshipping their shoes with his slutty mouth and tongue. The addition of the butt plug and clip on gummer’s cock seem to have made an improvement in his skills serving the Tops. Gummer is almost the sub-bitch these brutal inmates insist he becomes.

Lee gobs onto gummer’s bald head as Toby rubs it into the skin, laughing as he ‘polishes’ the bottom’s head. Can gummer’s humiliation get any more degrading? As the sub crawls around on the piss sodden floor to clean more shoes, he is met with John’s exposed penis pointing at his mouth, a stream of piss is unleashed, Toby ordering gummer to look up at his Master and swallow every last drop.

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