Session 37: Master Mike & Master Daryl

To be owned and used by two powerful and masterful Tops such as Mike and Daryl would be a sub’s ultimate fantasy. For these two Masters it is simply another opportunity for them to meter out their own brand of fiendish hell, which they take great pleasure in delivering. If the task at hand humiliates and degrades a bottom in the process then so much the better.

Master Mike and Master Daryl left collegeboi in the Top’s gym after using him to satisfy their lust for painful fun. Like a good sub he is in exactly the same place they left him, waiting for them to give him his next order.

Daryl’s trainers are looking a bit dirty, so he instructs collegeboi to get them clean, using just his mouth and tongue. The hapless bottom is soon bathing the footwear with his sloppy mouth to get them sparkling like new, receiving additional encouragement from Master Mike in his endeavours.

Collegeboi has done a good job for once so Mike now allows collegeboi the privilege of shining his army boots, again using just his mouth and tongue. To control the sub better, Mike treads on the bottom’s wrist with his full weight, the contoured sole of his boot biting into the flesh on collegeboi’s arm holding him still. Mike now grasps a handful of collegeboi’s hair so he can control where the sub’s tongue goes, directing his mouth over the shiny leather on the toe cap.

Mike has very high standards, so when collegeboi misses some of the areas he is meant to be cleaning, he swiftly receives a reprimand. The honour of being allowed to service Master Mike’s boots seems to have evaded the bottom as well. Mike has not had one word of thanks for being so generous. Some harsh, skin reddening hand slaps quickly remind the sub of his manners.

Collegeboi’s obedience pays off. Master Mike allows the slutty bottom’s wet mouth to slurp the sweat from between Daryl’s arse cheeks, making the sub dig deep with his tongue and poke into the Top’s crappy hole.

Time for more fun at the bottoms expense. The ever eager to please collegeboi is made to clean the dirt from the sole of Master Mike’s boot. Mike however keeps moving so his boot is always just out of reach of the sub’s tongue, making collegeboi crawl along the floor on his elbows and knees as he try’s to keep up.

Dishing out all this humiliation has sparked a fire in the Tops. They are keen to empty their balls, so what better way to achieve this than ordering their sub bitch to wank them both off. If collegeboi does a good job AND is really lucky they may dump their loads on his face or even in his mouth.

Instructed not to look at either of the Tops, collegeboi gets to work, softly grasping both cocks he milks them at the same time. Master Daryl unloads first, the sub moving his wet slutty tongue to slurp up the jizz as it pours out. Mike orders collegeboi to keep his tongue out so it gets coated in the Master’s hot cum.

It’s the turn of Master Mike to empty his balls. Daryl holds collegeboi’s head firmly in place as Mike’s cock shoots a torrent of white sperm into the sub’s open mouth and down his throat. The huge load is too much for collegeboi to swallow, dribbles of cum ooze over the sub’s lips and down his chin, dripping off onto his chest and lap below.

Spent, the Top’s push the pitiful bottom aside as they stride off towards the lockeroom. Collegeboi sits in the middle of the gym, used, cast aside and covered in sperm. Another reminder that he is owned.

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