Session 36: Master Mike & Master Daryl

Army brute Master Mike is leading today’s session in the Top’s gym – expanding collegeboi’s pain threshold!

With a leather crop in hand he is keen to get started. For him, laying into a lazy sub like collegeboi is going to be a walk in the park, not to mention great fun.

The head harness Master Daryl puts on the sub includes a ball-gag, something collegeboi can bite onto when his training starts to get more extreme. That is the one certainty about today’s session. His limits will be tested… Stretched… Broken.

Daryl starts attaching spring loaded clothes pegs to collegeboi’s body, the ratcheted teeth on the pegs are strong enough to hold wet clothes on a washing line, tightly gripping them in place as they get blown in the wind. Today the vicious vice-like ends bite into the flesh on collegeboi’s young body.

Daryl attaches pegs to collegeboi’s ear lobe, the fleshy skin on his chest and upper body then one of his sensitive nipples while Master Mike rubs the end of his leather crop over the sub’s ball sack and offers it up for him to smell his own crotch sweat. More pegs are getting added to the skin on collegeboi’s body as Mike whacks the poor fucker with the crop.

With the left side of the sub’s body now covered in pegs, Daryl’s attention focuses on collegeboi’s cock and ball sack. It’s another opportunity for our Top’s to have a little more fun at the bottom’s expense. Gathering the skin on collegeboi’s balls, Master Daryl attaches a peg to it, ordering the bottom to confirm through the gag that he likes the pain signals now racking his body.

Just to make sure collegeboi can recognise and fully appreciate the pain generated by the pegs alone, Master Mike lashes out without warning with his crop, catching the bottom unawares across his stomach.

A second string of pegs are now clipped onto the right side of the bottoms body as the laughing Top’s tease the pitiful sight in front of them, telling him he looks good spiked with pegs, which draws a mournful moan from the bottom as a second nipple gets tormented with a pinching clamp. Master Mike lets rip with a verbal assault at collegeboi; Mike doesn’t take kindly to that kind of crap from a bottom.

With the pegs attached it’s now time for Mike to have some fun. Securing a bull clip to collegeboi’s nipple, he savagely twists it to put the bottom firmly in his place. A short piece of elastic connects the first bull clip to a second, which Mike has to stretch, pulling at collegeboi’s nipple and skin, to be able to attach it to the sub’s flaccid penis. The Top then savagely tugs on the elastic connecting the two clips, pulling both clips causing collegeboi even more discomfort and pain.

Something’s still missing… Of course, ball weights. Connecting a chrome weight via a bull clip to each side of the sub’s ball sack, Master Mike torments the bottom by knocking them weights so they swing and tug on collegeboi’s testicles.

But the pain and discomfort collegeboi is now feeling is only the tip of the iceberg. Mike grasps both weights and with one swift jerk, rips the clips from the sub’s ball sack. Like oxygen feeding a flame, the Tops are spurred on to further test collegeboi’s limits.

Daryl reveals a plan to torment the sub to exhaustion. Securing a clip to the bottom’s flaccid cock, he ties an elastic cord from the end of it to the big toe on collegeboi’s raised foot. The longer collegeboi can keep his leg raised, the more painful the clip will become on his cock, however, as collegeboi tires and his leg drops down, the elastic cord will tighten, eventually ripping the clip off of his own cock under the tension.

Mike needs to take a piss, so while waiting for collegeboi to succumb to the devilish trap Daryl has set, Mike pulls out his cock and uses the bottom as his urinal, soaking the sub’s crotch with steaming hot Master’s piss. Exchanging his crop for a flogger, Mike lays into the flinching sub with it, trying to expedite the clip being ripped from collegeboi’s penis.

The clip is firmly fixed on his cock so Mike orders the sub to straighten his leg, finally pulling the clip off.

There is one last trial for collegboi today. Grasping both ends of the cords linking the pegs attached to the sub’s body, Master Mike rips them from collegeboi’s reddened skin.

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