Session 35: Master Peter & Master Errol

After a long hard workout Master Errol has been looking forward to a hot shower, but for some reason the water just won’t turn on. Luckily Master Peter is exercising his sub runt, leading (or dragging) him about on a collar and leash. It’s time for some oral training for our .

Calling the bottom to heel, Peter instructs the to strip Errol using just his teeth. The shorts are quick to come down but runt struggles with the laces on Errol’s trainers, receiving verbal from Peter and a vicious tug on the tight collar fastened around his neck.

With Errol’s socks now off runt has complete access to the Master’s sweaty feet, tongue and mouth bathing them to glean every morsel of perspiration from between the toes and the soles of his feet.

like to sniff arses, so it isn’t long before our two Tops have runt on all fours, sniffing and licking their ripe holes, his slobbering tongue cleaning up any traces of sweat from between each Master’s arse crack. Runt is a lucky bastard today; Two worthy Masters allowing him to eat their arses, lick their armpits and taste every inch of their bodies, feeding off their sweat. Delicious.

Runt’s tongue never stops working at the task in hard, even when Master Peter has to chastise him, jerking hard on the leash or slapping him painfully with his hand, runt just keeps on eagerly licking. The truth is, runt is in awe of our powerful young Masters.

After all the verbal and chastisement our two Tops have given the faithful , they decide to tease and runt further, locking lips and kissing as runt gazes up at them, ever hopeful, maybe one day he could be rewarded with a kiss from Master Peter or Master Errol.

Runt will just have to dream on and deal with it. Today is not going to be that day. However these Tops are about to give runt a reward… but only because it satisfies their own selfish desire to empty their balls. Master Errol is first, having had his cock cleaned and serviced by runts slutty mouth, he deposits a large load of Master’s cum over the excited bottom’s face as Master Peter pulls open runt’s mouth with his fingers.

Next! Peter positions himself on a lockeroom bench with runt underneath, the bottom eager to receive the torrent of spunk he’s about to be fed by the young Master. With runt’s mouth suctioned on the end of Peter’s erect penis the first spurt of jizz hits the back of his throat, he has to swallow hard to keep up with the hot liquid his Master is flooding into him.

Spent and looking very pleased with themselves the Tops leave the the lockeroom, runt laying discarded on the floor with a bellyful of cum.

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