Session 34: Master Terrance & Master Errol

With aussie rope tied to the lockeroom benches and unable to move, Master Terrance uses the opportunity to finally ruin this slutty bottom’s arse. To make it more fun, he goads aussie about the number of lashes from the leather paddle he should receive and when aussie makes a wrong guess, he gets a slap just for the fun of it. That lilly white arse will soon be glowing red at the hands of Master Terrance.

Aussie is counting out the lashes he is receiving, moaning in pain after each slap across his rump. Master Terrance pauses the punishment at unlucky number 13, checking to see if the bottom is enjoying his thrashing. When aussie replies that he isn’t he receives another, even harder slap of the paddle for giving his Master the wrong answer.

Hearing the bottom’s pathetic protests only turns Master Terrance on. He tugs and squeezes his semi hard cock through the material of his shorts as he lashes the poor cunt strapped in place on the benches. The feeling of power and dominance throbs through the Tops veins, driving him on to complete the punishment even though the bottom’s arse cheeks are bright red from the beating so far. No pain, no gain in this Top’s book.

Finding Terrance beating aussie in the lockeroom, Master Errol wants in on the action. Errol’s arse is wet with sweat from a session in the gym, so is in need of a good rimming. What better incentive for a bottom to do a good cleaning job than the sting of a paddle across his raw arse if he gets it wrong.

With aussie’s tongue buried between Errol’s tight arse cheeks, Master Terrance continues paddling the poor helpless bottom. Every time Errol complains about the service, aussie gets another whack.

But Master Errol has another plan for aussie’s slobbering wet mouth. After being confined in his shorts for a couple of hours, Errol’s cock is sweaty and in need of a good clean too. The lockeroom lurker goes to work sucking and slurping at the Top’s cock, encouraged by Terrance’s paddle on his arse. Errol pushes his hard cock deep into aussie’s throat causing the bottom to gag, spittle streaming out the sides of his mouth and over Errol’s balls.

Master Terrance takes up position behind aussie ready to fuck him. The bottom’s arse is red raw from all the paddling it’s received as Terrance pushes his large thick penis into the sub’s arse, spit roasting the cunt stroke for stroke with Errol pummeling his throat at the other end. Aussie’s arse cheeks have no let-up as Terrance hand slaps them while thrusting his cock in and out of the almost ruined bottom.

The Tops swap position, Master Terrance feeds his cock into the bottom’s mouth just moments after it was buried deep aussie’s arse. Eagerly the bottom sucks at it, savouring the taste of his Master as the fleshy prong pushes toward the back of his throat.

Master Errol has every intention of finishing the job Terrance started in ruining aussie’s arse today. Collecting a thick rubber dildo spiked on a broom handle, he roughly pushes it into the bottom’s hole till it’s deep buried inside him, then rhythmically fucks him with it while Terrance face fucks the poor cunt.

These Tops believe in pain and reward for their subs. Today aussie will be well fed as both Master Terrance and Master Errol drop full loads of thick Master’s jizz in his slutty mouth, feeding him the dribbles to clean up off their hard cocks and fingers.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 13:15
Video: 960×540, Windows Media Video 9, 2278kbps
Audio: 62kbps

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