Session 33: Master Terrance & Master Errol

Gruelling workout with agonising & humiliating punishments
Swim coach Master Terrance has just finished a training session with Firefighter Master Errol. Both are in a vengeful mood as they purposefully stride back to the lockeroom, each collecting a leather crop before entering the changing area. Something tells me aussie the lockeroom lurker is going to be in for a serious beating today.

Errol kicks things off, ordering the sub onto the floor to count out 10 press-ups while Terrance whacks his crop across the skinny guy’s rump a few times for good measure. Their plan to beat up and inflict as much pain on aussie for their own sadistic pleasure is thinly veiled as a brutal, pushed-to-exhaustion workout. Either way they’ll win.

Sit-Ups next. Master Terrance isn’t taking any crap today, so when weakling aussie starts to slack after just 4 reps of a 20 rep set, he not only gets verbal from Master Errol, but some more stinging thrashes of Terrance’s leather crop across his thigh.

But all this is just an appetiser in today’s workout programme. Key to their nasty plan are squats. Not just any old squats though, aussie will have to do his over a thick rubber dildo fixed into a sturdy base. On every downward squat the dildo will penetrate deep into his arsehole, then as he completes the squat and stands up, the internal suction from the tight fitting cock will feel like his gut is being wrenched out.

Master Terrance orders the slut to take the whole dildo into his bowel as he does his squat. The pain on aussie’s face is evident to see as the dry rubber cock rips into his crap hole for the first time. The bottom’s form isn’t up to Master Terrance’s usual high standard so a few more stings with the crop across his bare arse and thigh remind aussie to try even harder.

The Top’s order aussie to finish his last rep with a really deep squat, taking the full 8 inches of rubber into his arse cavity, which he then does. Gasping for air from exhaustion and pain, there is no rest for this bottom as he is then instructed to do 10 more press-ups by Master Errol. Poor form earns aussie another crack of the crop on his arse as Master Errol moves his steel toe-capped boot under the bottom’s weakening body, so it can be kissed and worshipped by the sub’s slutty mouth on every rep.

The relentless assault continues apace. No sooner has aussie finished his press-ups, Master Terrance orders him across for more sit-ups, this time with an inventive twist that should incentivise the flagging bottom to complete each rep. Terrance positions himself so that aussie’s face gets buried into his sweaty arse crack every time he completes a sit-up. With Errol standing by, threatening to strike with his crop at any moment, aussie buries his voracious mouth and tongue into the material covering Terrance’s ripe hole.

The sheer nastiness of the situation gets Master Terrance’s urges flowing. The thin material of his shorts barely conceals the outline of the Top’s semi-hard cock as he meters out his orders to the fatigued bottom. They move back over to the squats area. Terrance, unable to contain the growing hardness in his groin, squeezes and touches his penis as he gets off making the exhausted aussie ruin his arse yet again on the erect dildo. Hesitation and poorly executed squats result in more stinging whips of the crop on the sub’s already reddened skin.

Time now for some resistance training. Ordered to do more sit-ups by Master Errol, aussie assumes the position to begin just as Terrance sits down onto his back. With his energy levels already depleted, the bottom struggles to complete each rep, earning verbal from Errol and a good sound thrashing by Terrance as he is ridden into the floor.

The reward element of the workout appears to have a positive effect on aussie, so to test their theory the Top’s employ Errol’s naked arse in the next exercise, sit-ups. A pungent black man’s shute is all our sub needs to spur him on to do 10 more reps, each time burying his face deep into Errol’s arse crack, the manly toilet smell and sweat mixing to make a heady cocktail that might just finish poor cunt aussie off. Terrance orders the bottom’s slobbering tongue to dig deep into the black brute’s arse ring, getting the sub to describe the taste he gets while savouring his reward.

The Tops sense the flagging bottom may soon be too weary for them to continue abusing for their fun, but they have one last devilish punishment for aussie up their sleeve. Back in the squats area Terrance puts the bottom through 10 more arse punishing squats on the dildo, this time with painful chain-linked nipple clamps attached to torment his almost spent body even further. Tugging on the chain for encouragement, Terrance ‘assists’ aussie to complete his final set.

Surely then it’s only fitting that Master Terrance should receive the reward this time? With one swift movement Terrance rips off the tight nipple clamps from aussie’s chest, sending the poor cunt into spasms of pain and . The bottom is speechless, which deserves a whack of the crop on his arse. Has he no manners, he forgot to thank his Masters for such a thorough workout.

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