Session 31: Master Peter & Master Terrance

Master Peter is getting changed into his football kit for a practice session. Having come straight from a long hard day at the office he planned to grab a quick shower before joining the other Tops on the pitch, but was side-tracked by swim coach Master Terrance who was using sub aussie as his human piss pot.

Now, short on time, Peter decides to use aussie’s mouth as his personal shower. He is a generous Top and orders aussie to clean his very sweaty pits which have been confined in his business suit all day. An eager aussie goes straight to work, his slutty slurping mouth and tongue, fresh from servicing the swim coach’s cock now laps at the forest of hair under each of Master Peter’s arms, sucking the hairs into his mouth to glean every drop of Master’s sweat off of them until they are pristine and clean again.

By pulling hard on the lead connected to aussie’s collar, Terrance can ensure proper contact is maintained between the bottom’s lapping tongue and Master Peter’s armpits. He also does this to be a bastard to aussie as it makes him laugh when the bottom gasps for air.

Taking off his shoes, Peter rubs aussie’s face and mouth over his feet. His socks are damp with sweat from wearing leather shoes since this morning. Tossing a sock into aussie’s face, Peter is pissed off when aussie then ducks down for a sniff without permission. A well placed foot in the face from Peter soon stops aussie in his tracks. If he really wants to get close to Peter’s sock maybe having it rammed in his mouth will remind aussie to only do what the Masters tell him to do and only on their command!

Peter is now ready to put on his football shorts. His arse also hasn’t been cleaned all day and sitting around on office chairs has made it ripe. What better way to make sure aussie’s wet tongue gets right into Peter’s arse crack than putting the bottom on his back and squatting over his face, that way Peter can push down as hard as he pleases onto aussie’s mouth, making sure every inch gets properly serviced.

Master Terrance isn’t sure aussie is getting his tongue right into Peter’s pungent arse hole, so grabbing the back of aussie’s head, he pushes it up into Peter’s crack. The combination of Peter sitting down on aussie’s face and Terrance pushing up on the back of aussie’s head means an air tight seal between the bottom’s slobbering mouth and Peter’s sweaty arse hole is achieved. Aussie is having the time of his life down there.

In this position Master Peter continues putting on his football kit, rubbing his arse crack back and forth over aussie’s mouth and tongue as he inserts his shin pads into their support straps on his muscular hairy legs before pulling on the long football socks.

Ordering aussie to give Peter his boots, the pathetic bottom fumbles around in the Master’s sports bag for the first one, pulling out the wrong boot and receiving cruel verbal for his lame effort. Finally aussie gets it right and Master Peter finishes changing into his kit.

Aussie is in awe of Peter, watching like an obedient as his Master leaves the locker room for his training session. Master Terrance pulls tight on the leash connected to the collar on aussie’s neck. They have some time to fill while Master Peter is away playing football…

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