Session 30: Master Khaled & Master Terrance

Fire fighter Master Khaled is in need of some stress relief after a hard shift, so marches one of the locker room subs into the shower block in a painfully restraining arm lock. Ordering the little ‘runt’ to lay still on the bench, Khaled unhooks his braces, drops his trousers then lowers his sweaty arse over the prone bottom’s face ready for him to tongue wash clean.

Runt eagerly goes to work licking and slurping at the Master’s puckered hole as Khaled squats over his face, pushing down through his muscular thighs to ensure an almost airtight seal between his arse hole and the bottom’s voracious mouth. Bouncing and grinding his meaty arse on to runt’s face, Khaled grips the edge of the bench to pull himself down harder over the bottom’s mouth for an even tighter fit, wedging runt’s head in a vice like lock between the bench and his ripe sweaty hole as Khaled orders runt to push his tongue deeper into the Top’s arse.

Walking in to find Khaled getting his arse eaten out by runt, Master Terrance join in on the action himself. His penis is already stiffening in his flimsy gym shorts at the thought of ruining this bottom’s arse with his thick cock. With one slap from the Top, runt obediently flips over on all fours ready for Master Terrance to penetrate him.

Khaled takes up position at the other end of the bench and orders the bottom to suck his cock while Terrance takes in the scene going on in front of him. Runt sucks on Khaled’s hardening cock, further encouraged by the Top’s big hands pushing down hard on the back of his head so the full length of Khaled’s dick gets buried down his throat. Master Terrance thrusts into runt’s arse from behind causing the bottom to splutter as he tries to continue sucking on Khaled’s penis. What a lucky bottom runt is, filled at both ends by the Master’s thick cocks!

Khaled is first to cum, gripping runt tightly by the throat as he feeds the open slutty mouth with delicious liquid. The bottom is ordered to suck on Khaled’s spent cock more slowly as Terrance fucks runt from behind.

Pulling out of runt’s arse, Master Terrance dumps a huge load of cum over the bottoms puckered hole. Fresh warm sperm dribbling down between runt’s rounded arse cheeks and over his ball sack.

None of the Master’s precious cum must be wasted. As runt slurps clean Khaled’s still hard cock, Master Terrance scoops up the seamen spilt on the bench and from between runt’s arse cheeks, feeding it all to the bottom until nothing is left.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 11:03
Video: 960×540, Windows Media Video 9, 1891kbps
Audio: 62kbps

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