Session 3: Master Dave & Master Darren

Dave and Darren are up for fun today. They have a painpig to play with and two arses that need a good licking. But painpig needs to earn that reward. The object of the exercise is total pain because the two sadists know they’ll get a better rimming from their bottom that way.

Bound to the weights bench they torment his cock and balls with clothes pegs to make it a real porcupine.

Relentless flogging from the 2 joyful tops educates the bottom his new name "Peg Porcupine" and he knows who’s in charge. Dave and Darren clamp his poor nipples and attach them to the stupid bottom’s ears combined with loads of humiliating verbal.

Dave drops his army trousers and sits his bare arse on top of the almost crying bottom’s pained face. Using all his might Dave pulls painpig’s face so tight against his arse he can’t breathe for a bit. For Dave it’s all good because the bottoms throttled tongue waggles desperately up into the top’s arse. Not finished with that Dave plops his 2 big nuts into the painpig’s mouth for a good tongue bath – or else!

Next its Darren’s turn and painpig is in for a real treat as the younger lad’s hairy bum spreads perfectly to sit his pink hole right onto painpig’s waiting tongue.

But Darren isn’t going to make this all pleasure, quickly putting his weight down onto the bottom’s mouth, arsehole over mouth, balls over nose, and still the bottom must rim! Darren’s hairy nuts need a clean next and both delicious globes are pressed into the bottom’s mouth. Darren makes a nice seat of painpig’s mouth wriggling his young builder’s bare arse onto his mouth while Dave flogs the poor cunt. But the bastards haven’t finished with him. His cock balls and nipples are still covered in clips and clamps remember…

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Duration: 27:01
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