Session 29: Master Peter & Master Terrance

Suited stock-broker Master Peter is about to get changed into his gym gear ready for football practice when swim coach Master Terrance comes into the locker room, his bladder full to bursting with piss that he’s been holding in for nearly an hour during his last coaching session. Peter being the nasty Top that he is gets Terrance to use meek bottom aussie, who’s crawling around the locker room floor like a , as his urinal.

Tugging down the front of his snug fitting speedos, Master Terrance unleashes a full torrent of steaming Master’s piss into the lucky bottom’s open mouth, but hapless aussie can hardly keep pace swallowing such a huge volume of urine. An angry Peter reaches into his locker for his riding crop as a reminder that the bottom was instructed not to spill a drop – any spillage must be cleaned up one way or another!

Sucking the last dribbles of piss from Terrance’s cock, aussie is thrashed by Master Peter with the crop across his arse and ordered to clean the piss off Terrance’s feet. Working his tongue between his Master’s toes, aussie’s slobbering mouth goes to work slurping up the remaining yellow booze.

With his arse covered in angry red welts, aussie starts sucking the piss dribbles off Terrance’s speedos but earns himself more stinging lashes of the crop for not answering Master Peter’s question correctly.

Is this bottom totally stupid? Eating Terrance’s sweaty ripe arse crack through his speedos, aussie keeps stopping for breath. Big mistake. So if this won’t keep its face buried where it’s been told, maybe putting its lead back on might work…

For Peter it’s an opportunity to unleash his cruel side and become even more inventive. Passing the lead through Terrance’s legs, he pulls hard on the chain, burying aussie’s already gasping face deep into the speedo clad arse crack. It’s still not enough. Peter wants aussie’s slavering tongue to clean deep into Terrance’s sweaty arsehole. Stretching the tight lycra material back over aussie’s head he has the perfect solution to keep the bottom’s face and tongue where he wants it… just at the exact moment Terrance delivers two long farts right into aussie’s open mouth, much to the amusement of both Tops. Aussie has no option but to keep his head in place, his mouth servicing the Top’s pungent hole in the confined space of the speedos as they fill with the stench of Terrance’s arse gas.

As the torment continues, aussie is ordered to pull down the Master’s speedos using just his teeth. His face is buried in Terrance’s arse crack again, this time with Master Peter pulling hard on his arms to keep his mouth tightly sealed over the sweaty chute.

Has the been a good boy? Aussie thinks so when Master Terrance offers him his cock to suck, but if there is one thing a bottom should learn about cruel and inventive Tops, it’s that nothing is ever as it seems. As Terrance’s cock grows hard, the Tops’ cunning torment is revealed. The thick length of Terrance’s penis is thrust deep into aussie’s throat as he is face fucked. With the leash once again attached to aussie’s collar, Peter pulls on the lead and impales more of aussie’s throat on the Top’s cock with each stroke. Aussie is crap at giving blowjobs. He gags and splutters and regurgitates, but Master Terrance only thinks of his own pleasure, each time putting his hard cock back into the pitiful bottom’s mouth for servicing as Peter verbally derides and punishes aussie for his poor performance.

Making his obediently sit, Master Peter uses his fingers to spread aussie’s mouth open wide ready to receive Master Terrance’s delicious hot load of jizz. Very little of the precious liquid is spilt as the bottom’s mouth, tongue and lips are coated with his Master’s juice, any dribbles eagerly slurped up as instructed.

Peter begins to strip off and change for his football practice, watched by a very hopeful aussie who wants to clean his Master’s sweat soaked arm pits with his tongue. Like a good obedient bottom he knows his place. Reward comes with patience….

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 18:25
Video: 960×540, Windows Media Video 9, 2565kbps
Audio: 62kbps

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