Session 281 : Master Lucas and Master Jurgis

This scrawny sub makes a welcome return to Brutal Tops when he’s discovered by horny young Master Lucas licking clean the urinal bowl after the big-dicked Master has had a piss. The enraged Master is joined by the all-new Master Jurgis and the two strip naked the sub and ram his head into the urinal.
Then the new Master needs to piss so uses the runt as a human urinal, ordering the sub to swallow the stinking liquid down his worthless throat. This excites both the tops who take it in turns to pump their impressive cocks deep into the sub’s mouth. Then Master Lucas finds a pole which he rams up the runt’s arsehole, making him groan audibly and squirm from the pain. Finally, Master Jurgis holds onto the sub’s head and ploughs his fellow Master’s dick deep down the complaining throat of the worm, much to both Masters’ pleasure.

Format: flv
Duration: 15:57
Video: 700×394, AVC (H.264)

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