Session 28: Master Dave & Master Chris

Back in the Tops’ gym, a naked ginger finds himself kneeling with his wrists tightly bound by course ropes, his nipples constantly tormented between the teeth of vicious chain-linked clamps. Master Dave and Master Chris launch their cruel plan to tease the frustrated bottom by making him watch as they touch each others muscular chests through their shirts. Dave gropes a handful of Chris’s thick cock in his rugby shorts as Chris moves his strong hands down to rub Dave’s cock through his army fatigues, all the time goading ginger as he begs them to be allowed to join in.

Chris offers ginger a sniff of his fingers straight from between Dave’s legs but snatches them away again before the eager bottom can get a whiff of the manly scent on them. It’s not going to be that easy for ginger to get so handsomely rewarded – if he wants a treat he’s going to have to work for it. For starters the Tops instruct ginger to twist his body from side to side causing the heavy clamps to tug harder at his nipples.

The camera is out and Dave gets some humiliating photos of ginger nuzzling into his crotch with his mouth open… This should finally secure the payment demanded from for gingers’ release, but just to make sure, the bottom is pushed back and forth between the two tops, his face rammed from arse crack to crotch and back again as more photos get taken.

A few stinging face slaps later and ginger is pulling down Chris’s shorts using just his teeth, the unclothed arse crack is then positioned back over his face so his lapping tongue can fully service the Top’s ripe shithole. Dave ensures the bottom’s slavering tongue reaches its destination by pushing his crotch hard against the back of gingers head. The Tops swap places so Dave gets his pungent hole cleaned and serviced as well.

But our Tops have more humiliating torments up their sleeve. Turning to face the bottom, Dave instructs ginger to kiss and suck his bell end, tongue wash his ball sack then run his tongue up and down the length of his cock before lifting his leg to get his sweaty gooch cleaned too.

Ginger has obeyed all the Top’s orders as a good bottom should and earns a reward. Chris allows him to suck on his penis which the dirty little cock whore does like a professional. As Chris gets hard he grips the back of ginger’s head and pushes his thickening cock deep into the tight throat causing him to gag. It must be this bottom’s lucky day as he then gets to suck on Master Dave’s cock while Master Chris tugs on the chain attached to the nipple clamps.

But what use is a pleasurable treat to a bottom if it’s not weighted with his Masters’ metered out pain to remind him of his place? Cruelly the nipple clamps are ripped off without warning and as ginger sits stunned, until Dave’s well placed army boot pushes him hard in the face making him fall back onto the floor. Dave, now angry, grabs the bottom by the neck and spins him round onto all fours. A boot on his back keeps him in place as Chris lubes ginger’s arse with a shot of gob ready for Dave to fuck.

In one thrust Dave pushes his rock hard length into the bottom’s fuck hole which is being prised open by Chris. Quickly finding his rhythm, Dave relentlessly pummels away as Chris grabs the bottom’s head and pulls it down to service his now hard cock in an ultimate Top spit roast. Master Chris shoots a thick load of his sperm over ginger’s lapping tongue and Dave dumps several shots of cum over the lucky bottom’s arse and back before joining Chris to get the globs of cum cleaned from his cock by ginger’s slutty mouth, scooping up the sperm he has just deposited to feed to ginger as well. None of the Tops’ delicious seed must be wasted.

Dave and Chris stand over ginger laughing as he cleans the last of their precious sperm off of the floor with his tongue. He has been a satisfactory bottom, so until the ransom is paid, they’ll keep him caged, always ready to service their every need.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 22:57
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