Session 27: Master Mike & Master Daryl

Master Daryl is a typical East-End entrepreneur. Today he has decided to sell college boi to Russian pimps to be whored out. First he wants to check that boi is good enough. He must perform an embarrassing, totally nude, lap dance for Daryl. He gives boi a taste of what to expect by whacking him with the riding crop while he attempts to writhe around sexily. Soon the naked boi is covered in welts and crawling around desperately trying to impress his Masters. This is how Cockney Tops keep their bois in line.

Master Daryl continues the training regimen with a real punter. The army is in town and Master Mike looks like a potential customer. boi has to sell himself for 5 euros. With his tiny penis wiggling pathetically he tries to dance for his money. Master Mike is unimpressed, kicking the naked fool to the ground. Mike is prepared to give the loser another chance, sitting back comfortably with his cigar. Red faced with shame, boi writhes in front of him. Mike orders the whore to get himself hard. The quivering twat rubs his little deformity anxiously but is so frightened his worm stays tiny. Russian truck drives will expect more for their 5 euros than this and Master Mike won’t let the bottom get away with it. He is give boi an ultimatum – get hard in 10 seconds or feel the crop over his fingers. A pair of toasty hot hands later and boi still has to get hard. He rubs his little appendage but still nothing. Hands out again! Poor boi takes it over and over again. His fingers used as an ashtray his hands are soon burning with pain and he has to use them to rub his loser of a dick. Still no joy his hands are flogged raw and then Mike stubs his cigar out in them. boi then has to eat it. As it’s been in Mike’s mouth boi should be grateful!

To much hilarity boi will have to wait tables naked, save for a bow tie and a leg spreader attached to his ankles. He waddles from the kitchen with a tray of ice cold bottles for the tops. boi is allowed some too, fresh from the Masters’ mouth, mixed with copious amounts of the tops’ spit. boi’s face soon becomes an overflowing spittoon for the tops. Gobbing over and over again into boi’s face. His face streaked with spit boi is kicked in the side and ordered to go and bring food for the punters. He scrabbles to his feet and waddles off returning shortly with donoughts and dishes of custard. The tops chew the donoughts but instead of swallowing prefer to gob the filthy mixture all over the bottom’s face.

There is so much gobbed out food around that it spills onto the floor. The naked bottom must crawl and lick it all up. The tops help by spreading the mess on their boots for boi to lick off. Flat on his stomach boi’s wrists are cuffed behind his back and custard is spat out in front of his face. This is then used as an ashtray and the whole disgusting mess scooped into the bottom’s mouth with boots. Master Mike tramples the bottom’s back to make it even harder for him. His face covered in the Master’s ash, spat out food and gob, the bottom is a wretched sight. Dragged by the leg spreader the bottom’s naked body is used as a mop. Shaking with cold and utter fear the boi is dumped on his back so his pimp can drop his trousers and sit on his face. Master Daryl presents his arsehole for the college boi to lick clean. Just as his tongue is up inside the pimp’s anus the bottom feels the cold sole of Mike’s boot pressing ash into his tormented cock and balls. Then Mike drops his trousers, sits on the boi’s face and sucks on a cigar.

College or no college, boi knows who really is superior now.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 29:25
Video: 960×540, Windows Media Video 9, 2169kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 482.3 MB