Session 268 : Master John

Horny and dangerous straight Master John returns to humiliate and degrade snivelling sub elliott.

The top discovers his faggoty sub completely naked and orders him to lick clean first his shoes and then his stinking armpits. The Master is in need of a good clean so this is a difficult and odorous job for the weak bottom.

The Master pulls off his shoes and elliott then has to lick clean his feet before nuzzling his nose into the Master’s underpants showing off his quickly hardening dick. This is then rammed into the back of the sub’s mouth before the Master turns around and snarls at the sub that he has to lick clean his rancid arsehole and deeply rim him.

This gets the horny top ever more excited so he ends up ordering the runt to lie on his back and then John sits on his face and pushes all his weight onto the sub’s face. In position to do press ups he pushes the whole of his dick into the quivering bottom’s worthless mouth.

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Duration: 37:04
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