Session 257 : Master Miles

All new psychotic Master Miles appears to humiliate and thrash worm-like faggot elliott. The chavvy hard-man top finds the squirming sub all alone and commences to threaten him with a cane whilst ordering him to lick clean his shoes and then filthy feet.

Drinking booze, the Master gobs in the sub’s mouth and pushes a huge dildo deep into his mouth to make him ream. Now they are both completely nude and the snarling top orders the sub to sit down painfully on the dildo which stretches the sub’s slack arsehole to the limit. This excites Miles who needs a piss so uses the sub as a human urinal, ensuring that he swallows down every drop of the smelly urine.

Finally, with a rock-hard cock the Master pounds his dick deep into the sub’s worthless, grumbling mouth, pumping his hips to get more and more access to his foul mouth.

Format: flv
Duration: 29:50
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