Session 254 : Master Joseph

Psychotic new Master Joseph returns to continue humiliating pathetic faggot elliott. The runt is ordered to lick the top’s stinking armpits clean before the snarling, straight Master has his cock licked and cleaned by the sub. Then the Master turns around and orders the sub to push his nose and tongue deep up his stinking arse crack and lick clean the filth that he finds up there. Defenceless elliott cannot do anything but comply with this demand.

Joseph then bends over and we get to see his filthy arsehole which elliott has no choice but to lick clean. Sitting on the sub, the Master pumps his arse into elliott’s face and then turns around to ram his hard dick deep into his mouth. This makes the faggot ream and puke comes out of his mouth mixed with a ton of gob.

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Duration: 18:57
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