Session 237 : Master Lucas

Made to suck his Master’s massive cock, pathetic teacher elliott is defenceless to prevent Lucas from doing as he likes with this feeble runt. This domination so excites the top that he feels the need to humiliate the sub totally and so mercilessly fucks him up the arse.

First over a table, the Master pile-drives his dick deep into the faintly complaining sub before flipping him over to fuck him hard when he’s lying on his back. The Master humiliates the sub even more by pissing over his face before throwing him to the ground and fucking him like the worthless scum he is.

Finally, the snarling young Master can hold back his spunk no longer and he pumps a thick load directly into the mouth of the feeble sub who can do nothing else but swallow the jizz.

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Duration: 12:47
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