Session 230 : Master Stewart

Uber sub elliott is alone and naked in the middle of the floor when menacing older Master Stewart enters and begins harassing him. The top is wearing nothing but a well-bulging jockstrap which he proceeds to push into he face of the sub. Then his big dick is pulled out and the squirming sub is ordered to suck it down hard.

The fierce Master pumps his dick into the worm’s mouth and gets more and more excited until he flips the sub over and rams his dick deep into his arsehole. The super-fit top pumps hard and harshly fucks the gently groaning elliott who is defenceless to prevent the Master from doing whatever he pleases.

Flipped on his back, with his legs in the air, the sub endures the top’s long, fat cock sliding in and out of his arsehole with the Master gobbing down on the sub to degrade him further. Finally the powerful top can hold of spunking no more and lobs his cock into the sub’s face just in time to shoot jizz all over his feeble exhausted face.

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Duration: 18:03
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