Session 22: Master Mike & Master Maurice

If only all gyms were run this way!

Mike and Maurice are straight from the army’s physical training regiment so when tattoo needs to get fit they are THE tops for the job. The lucky bottom will be trained by the best, the downside is they do not suffer fools, and pathetic out of shape bottoms, lightly.

After ordering him to strip naked the bottom receives some nasty, but honest, verbal humiliation. Then it’s a very demanding work out. Every exercise is hell but the tops intersperse the unpleasantness with some lovely rewards! Such as sniffing the Masters’ crotches on completing sit-ups. Boxing and painful dips to exhaustion means tattoo soon doesn’t know what’s hit him. However the lucky bastard is treated to sniffing the arses of his betters. The more hellish exercise he is put through the more desperate he is to catch his breath, which he must do from the Masters’ anuses. These are the rewards for completing the exercises, whilst failure means immediate spanking and a face full of verbal.

Just as the bottom is struggling to do more sit-ups Master Mo pulls his trousers down and allows the bottom to kiss his bell-end on every completed sit-up. Shaking and sweating the bottom doesn’t know what to say to avoid punishment. Without a moment to breathe its boxing practice but tattoo keeps messing up and is spanked. Then it’s humiliating boot licking. A master’s boot on the back of the head and another on his vulnerable nuts provides motivation. After the top of the boots are done, then it’s the soles with some delicious dollops of Master Mo’s gob on it to help.

Then it’s back to the dips and the poor wretch can’t get anything right earning the wrath of Master Mo and a nice red arse. Then the bottom’s ‘reward’ is to fuck his own mouth with the Master’s cock. But it’s not going to be easy with Master Mike pushing the bottom’s head so hard onto the cock that he almost can’t breathe. Servicing Mo’s cock, balls and gooch is an absolute pleasure. Next its sit-ups and deepthroating Master Mike’s rampant cock as a reward. Every time he gags Master Maurice plants his bare arsehole onto the bottom’s face so his tormented mouth has to yo-yo between cocksucking and rimming. This is one lucky bottom. When tattoo is totally spent the Tops bind his wrists to the bench, ankles to a leg spreader bar. That’s right, tattoo has earnt himself a roasting.

Master Mo plunges straight in, fucking the bottom hard. tattoo is crushed against the bench as Mo fucks him deep, hard and fast without the slightest regard for the bottom’s comfort. tattoo’s moans are muffled as Mike lands his hot arse on top of his face. Allowed to beg for cum, the slutty bottom is treated to a mouthful of his Master’s hot sperm. Imagine how many subs would sign up to THIS gym if they could!

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