Session 207 : Master Derek

Angry Master Derek continues to damage his squirming, pathetic sub. Lashed to a bench, the defeated sub is harshly caned until his arse cheeks are red raw. The pain is immense as the sadistic Master thrashes down blow after blow. Disobedience is quickly punished and the captured sub can do nothing but allow the cane to whip down on his sore, spread-eagled arsehole.

The Master then decides to teach the worm a lesson that he won’t forget. He strips off his shorts and reverses his stinking arsehole directly onto the face of the sub. With his legs spread wide apart and pumping his hips backwards, the Master orders the sub to lick his arse crevice and makes him clear off the sweat and stale shit. The sub’s tongue is pushed deep into the master’s gaping rectum. His humiliation is complete as the sub is treated like a piece of pathetic human toilet paper.

After this, the master grabs a douche to fill his anus with water which is quickly jetted out from his arsehole, directly into the open mouth of the sub. This worm knows he is powerless to prevent what’s happening to him as fetid water fills his mouth and he is made to swallow it down his throat.

Finally, the dominant master screams vicious stuff into the sub’s cowering face and gobs on the worthless man.

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Duration: 9:33
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