Session 204 : Master Derek

Sadistic Master Derek returns to find his pathetic sub chained to a bench. Wearing a sweaty football kit, the snarling top thrashes the sub with a belt causing deep red welts to appear.

The Master sneers into the squirming sub’s face who is then made to lick up gob from the bench. The filthy football boots of the master are pushed into his face and the sub’s tongue feebly licks off the crud from around the dirty footwear. This massively turns on the Master who finds a huge dildo which he rams into the back of the sub’s mouth, making his eyes stream. Then the Master makes the sub turn around to sit on the thick dildo, with tears running down the sub’s face caused by the pain of riding the massive dildo. The Master enjoys watching this humiliation and his dick starts to get hard.

The Master pulls out his dick and a stream of smelly piss flows into the back of the sub’s mouth. The ever more excited Master makes the sub suck his big cock deep and swallow it deep into the back of his mouth. Defeated, the whimpering sub collapses with red marks on his arse and the huge dildo still hanging from his damaged arsehole.

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Duration: 16:25
Video: 700×394, AVC (H.264)

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