Session 203 : Master Jaime

The battered, pathetic sub is roped to the spanking bench with his arsehole gaping open and unable to stop the sadistic master doing with him as he will.

Sneering top Jaime comes in and is hell bent on giving the sub a thrashing which he will never forget. Mean, callous anger flashes in his eyes. Jaime canes sub Elliott’s backside hard causing deep red welts to appear on his lily white skin. He squirms as the Master rains down harsh swipes on his rear. Opening his own arse cheeks, the master reverses onto the sub and makes him rim his sweaty arsecrack.

Then the master yanks the sub’s balls, causing him pain and embarrassment and goes up close to his whimpering face to mock and humiliate this defenceless worm. During the ordeal Jaime pulls out his dick and pisses into the sub’s open mouth, making the sub swallow some of the foul smelling liquid.

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Duration: 7:27
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