Session 201 : Master Jaime

Hot new Master Jaime is working out and getting his rock hard body sweaty whilst being watched by feeble sub Elliott.

Feeling horny and even more sadistic than usual the snarling top makes the bottom lick his entire body clean, paying particular attention to his hot hairy parts including his sweat-covered armpits. This turns on the Master even more and his dick soon gets hard. He pulls off his kit to reveal hairy buttocks. The sub is then ordered to push his nose up Jaime’s arse crack and lick clean the Master’s filthy hole. Jaime uses the sub’s mouth as human toilet paper and rams his butt hard onto the groaning sub’s face.

Then Master Jaime turns around and pushes his erect dick in the sub’s mouth and face fucks him. He grinds his amazing body harshly into the quivering lad. Pre-cum and spit dribble from the sub’s mouth as the pumping top continues his onslaught of the sub’s mouth.

Format: flv
Duration: 15:58
Video: 700×394, AVC (H.264)

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