Session 200 : Master Jaime

Pathetic sub Elliott is completely naked and chained up in a sordid cellar. Vicious new top Jaime strides in and demands that his dirty boots are licked clean. He sneers at the feeble bottom and gobs in his mouth to degrade him even more.

The powerful top strips naked to show off his incredible body and makes the sub suck his cock which is rapidly getting hard. This sadistic master takes a dildo and makes the sub suck it, pushing it deep into his mouth and making the sub wretch on it. The sub quakes as the dick slides deep into the back of his mouth. He demands that the bottom sits on the sizable toy and orders him to slide up and down on it so that it pushes ever deeper into his arsehole.

Whilst being fucked by the dildo, the whimpering sub has to swallow Jaime’s piss. The top rams his dick into the sub’s useless face and unleashes a stream of stale urine which pours into his mouth and makes the sub gag.

Finally the master threatens the sub with a cane so that the sub ends up on all fours, pushing the big dildo ever deeper into his rear. The master looks on with satisfaction.

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