Session 20: Master Mike & Master Darren

Blondeboy is learning his ability as a bottom at the school of Masters Mike & Darren. With the arse-cleaning pot held high, gravity fills the bottom’s aching bowels with fresh Master’s piss. So full is he, with piss squirting out, there is barely enough space for the buttplug which Master Darren uses to penetrate the bottom’s colon and seal his hole. With his innards full of piss and a buttplug too, there is nothing more that blondie would like to do than to crap the lot out. Guess that’s the last thing the tops will allow him!

Experiencing a totally new form of pain and humiliation blondie is beside himself and doesn’t know what he can do to alleviate the pressure. The tops have a plan, to see what blondie will do just with the promise of having the plug removed. He must suck on the tops’ armpits. The tops won’t make that easy though, preveniting him from breathing with pits and then making blondie crawl naked through piss, trying to get to Mike’s pits while clenching his arse from fear of letting the plug slip out. Master Darren helps, kicking the plug right up into blondie as he tries in vain to reach Mike’s pits with his tongue. Crawling around with the plug sticking out of his arse blondie is a truly pathetic sight. The offer of the plug coming out if blondie can clean Mike’s pits is too promising but Darren laughing and kicking him mercilessly almost breaks him. Mike shows a touch of sympathy allowing blondie to come within licking distance of his pits. All the bottom need do is stretch uncomfortably up and he can slobber over Mike’s delicious armpits.

But blondie’s body is against him. Every time he reaches for Mike’s pits with his tongue, his arse tries to push the buttplug out and the poor bottom cries in miserable self-pity.

At last allowed relief the buttplug comes out and crap and piss sprays from the bottom’s arse. You will have never seen a more humiliating sight. Gobbed on for making such a dreadful mess blondie is bent over in torment. The naked cunt is used as a human mop to clean the floor of piss and crap. The bottom is left totally broken and ashamed. Brutal tops indeed.

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Duration: 9:24
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