Session 198 : Master Toby

Sadistic Master Toby is feeling horny and, luckily for the sub, he decides he wants to use the sub’s holes.

The vicious top marches into the toilet and makes the feeble sub suck his cock deeply, giving Master Toby a raging erection. Toby face fucks the wretch and makes him cry and drool. The top’s rock-hard dick plunges to the very back of the sub’s gullet as he groans pathetically.

Even while the cur feels sorry for himself, Toby bends him over with his head jammed into the stinky, filthy urinal and rams his hard cock deep into the sub’s damaged rectum.

The sub is ordered to lick the urinal clean of piss as he is being fucked and does so with defeated whimpers. With the chastity collar still firmly locked around his cock and balls there is no way for the sub to get hard himself and he must think only of being the vessel of the top’s sadistic pleasure.

Toby pushes the sub’s legs back and pounds him into the floor as he fucks. He sneers into the bottom’s face and gobs into it several times. Toby pulls out and moves around as if to sit on the sub’s quivering chest. He orders the sub’s mouth open and deposits his sticky spunk into it – the sub timidly swallows the thick spunk.

Format: flv
Duration: 11:16
Video: 700×394, AVC (H.264)

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