Session 19: Master Maurice & Master Chris

When men are desperate for hot and no strings sex there’s one place to go – a public toilet on an industrial estate. This afternoon we take a look inside one. A line up of young horny men come in and whip their dicks out at the stall, ostensibly to have a piss but are soon looking around sizing each other up. Into this seamy scene march tops Maurice and Chris, with their latest bottom, ginger.

The cottagers are astonished to see what the tops have brought them for some dirty public humiliation. The sub is quickly stripped and the lusty lads are invited to piss on him. Lying on the cold stone floor ginger has to hold his mouth open and accept hot streams of piss from several men into his mouth. It isn’t long before he is covered from head to toe in the steaming urine. Lying in puddles of male piss he has to lick even more piss and spit off the tops’ army boots. Even better he is bullied into lying in the filthy toilet trough where the stench of both fresh and stale piss is so strong. Ginger is shivering with cold but is warmed by his Masters’ hot piss all over his body. He is kicked around, sliding about in the filth and has to kiss everyone’s boots. With his body slick with piss and his arse in the air photos are taken of his degradation. The lucky bottom is ordered to pull his arse cheeks apart and finger his own hole.

Turned on by the sub’s display Master Maurice pulls out his erect meaty length and the sub is allowed to beg to suck on it. Mo’s pink thick cock is so inviting. His knees in agony on the stone cold floor, the naked piss-drenched bottom deep throats the top’s succulent cock. Despite trying hard the bottom gags occasionally and is face-slapped in front of everyone as punishment. The two muscular tops hold ginger’s head down so Master Maurice’s cock is jammed right down his throat. Then ginger’s head is turned around and he has to service Chris’s cock as well. The cottagers are invited to plunder the bottom’s mouth with their cocks too and ginger has no choice over who’s cock he has to suck next! His mouth becomes a miserable unpaid whore. The cottagers came here to unload their balls, and they do so into the sub’s mouth. With a belly-full of cum ginger is planted on the ground for a nasty spit roasting from the two tops who plough into him at both ends with their large cocks. As Master Maurice ruts him in the arse ginger’s moans are stifled by Chris’s large cock in his mouth that he must suck down deeply. Mo roots him so fast and nasty that the lad is soon shooting large dollops of hot wet cum all over the lucky bottom’s back.

With so much piss on the ground it’s easy to spin the bottom around so he can clean Mo’s dick with his mouth and Chris can sink his thick hard cock into the bottom’s stretched arsehole. That cock is so large the pain must be extraordinary and so wonderful. Pulled onto his knees ginger must open his mouth to receive another load of cum, this time from Chris. Ginger is surely having the time of his life today.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 25:43
Video: 960×540, Windows Media Video 9, 2816kbps
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