Session 174: Master Wayne

Sordid Master Wayne has returned and he’s just finished football training. He’s sweaty and returns to the lockers to find a naked pervert bottom tied to the bench with its head facing upwards on the seat.

Wayne sits on the sub peter’s face and makes him breathe in the sweaty aroma coming from his arsehole. The top pulls his shorts up his crack so the bottom gets better access to Wayne’s hole and his nose and tongue are rubbed against the filthy rear. Then Wayne pulls off his underpants and makes the bottom push his tongue right up inside him.

During this punishment the Top rests his sharp-studded boots on the naked sub’s legs, cruelly scraping at the flesh. The football boots are painfully jabbed right into the subs exposed testicles, making peter whimper with discomfort and pain.

Enjoying the session, Wayne stands and unties the sub then kicks him over. The fierce Master takes a belt to the sub for what he considers the poor rimming and makes the sniveling sub kiss his football boots. After a bladder filled during the football game, Wayne pulls the pathetic sub up to his groin and uses him as urinal. He pisses into his mouth and makes the sub swallow the warm foul-smelling nectar. Any spillages are dealt with by harsh use of Master Wayne’s belt.

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