Session 165: Master Kieron

Master Kieron pushes his heavy boot into the face of submissive slut peter and makes him rub his tongue all over the soiled sole. Ordering him to open his feeble mouth, Kieron rubs his dirty footwear against the boy’s lips and harshly humiliates him into cleaning the filth from the tread of his boots.

Removing his boots and filthy socks, Master Kieron works his dirty, unclean feet into peter’s whimpering mouth and stretches it wide open. He rams more and more toes into the slut’s gaping mouth hole. The distressed sub has to lick inbetween the Top’s toes and reams as more are inserted. All the time, his pathetic cock shrivels ever smaller as Kieron’s sizable dick swells inside his shorts.

Format: flv
Duration: 8:25
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