Session 147: Master Shamus

Sitting back and enjoying a bottle, Shamus orders the sub to clear some space in the yard. After its disasterous attempt at pony training, the exhausted beast is given some refreshment, straight from its Masters mouth.

With it’s hands cuffed behind it’s back, this pathetic excuse for a sub is going to have to work extra hard to impress Master Shamus. He wants his shoes worshipped; Kissed and licked to order.

Making james lie on his belly on the floor, the sub has to wriggle and squirm around like a worm to move. If the worms effort isn’t up to scratch Shamus has his leather strap to instill obedience.

Its pathetic moaning and grunting just makes the Top lose what little patience he has. Trying to keep up with it’s Master’s feet as he moves around the yard quickly tires the worm, resulting in a relentless thrashing across it’s buttocks from Shamus, making them glow red.

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