Session 14: Master Maurice & Master Chris

His cock harnessed by the chastity collar Tattoo enters Master Maurice’s training gym for a session. The pathetic bottom pleads with Mo to let him cum. Is he stupid or something? All his pleadings do is tell Master Mo just how desperate he is. The kind top releases him from the collar, but to what fate? The riding crop might give the idiot some clue! A rope pony bit is tied tightly into the bottom’s aching jaw. With Master Mo bouncing merrily on his back Tattoo is to give him a ride. The top controls the pony’s direction with the rope reins and the speed with the crop. To begin with Tattoo has some strength so Mo only has to tap him lightly with the crop across his exposed arse. But the crying bottom is soon exhausted, and despite clear warnings he collapses. Interrupting the Master’s ride is of course punishable and some swift & nasty lashes rain down upon the lazy cunt.

Master Chris enters and Master Mo wants to show his pony off. Tattoo is brought back into service to give Mo a ride around the room with Chris now encouraging him with the crop. The useless cunt pony collapses again and feels the sting of the crop once more, crying out plaintively. Now he can hardly move but has to make himself under the weight of verbal humiliation and cuts from the crop.

Eventually the two laughing tops have their pony bottom crawling around the room with raw lungs, raw knees and burning muscles. Tears pouring from the self-pitying bottom’s eyes, red welts across his naked body. What an hilarious sight!

It’s a well known rule that ponies should be given regular water and so the considerate tops remove the bit from its mouth. They whip out their beautiful cocks and dump steaming piss into the petrified bottom’s parched mouth.

After that the ignorant bottom thinks he’s done enough to warrant a nice little wank. But the tops know better and bring out the muddy rugby boots from before. Still filthy with mud from the rugby field! Chris rakes the boots over Tattoo’s piss stained face. The loser almost vomits on the disgusting dirt he must eat. When his face is absolutely covered in the filth, the bottom thinks it cannot get any lower. Just then Chris pisses on his face to help him swallow all the dirt. Tattoo is broken.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 16:38
Video: 960×540, Windows Media Video 9, 2505kbps
Audio: 62kbps

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