Session 137: Master Derek & Master Toby

Demanding Tops Derek and Toby have installed gob-shite film maker james as their bitch; He’ll have to service their perfect bodies with his mouth and tongue to their full satisfaction. Failure will be severely punished.

Derek directs james with quick-fire commands, ordering him to lick Toby’s sweaty arse hole and balls. The obedient sub immediately goes to work with his slutty mouth detailing the Master’s ball sack and gooch, savouring the salty taste as he obeys his Master.

Both Tops get their cocks serviced and sucked hard in james’ eager mouth, youthful erections throbbing at the attention they’re receiving courtesy of the warm slutty orifice. The filthy commands they use to order and instruct their whore make them very sexually aroused.

Master Derek only needs one minor misdemeanour for him to fly into a rage – james will have to pay with his arse for smirking.

Master Toby ties a noose of coarse rope around the sub’s neck to restrain him, weighting the other end with a heavy bowling ball to keep the rope tension as uncomfortable as possible while they teach this little fuck a lesson, gobbing in its face and punching it in the gut to wind it.

Lifting james’ legs up to expose his arse and slutty hole, Master Derek sinks his hard penis into it, not stopping till the full thick length is buried up to the hilt, his heavy balls resting against the sub’s buttocks. The Top starts to fuck its hole in deep rhythmic strokes, making james whimper and moan.

Master Toby seizes the opportunity to humiliate james even further, squatting his perfect arse over the sub’s face for it to be tongue bathed clean while Derek relentlessly fucks it at the other end.

Satisfied that it’s arse hole is ruined from the girth of his cock, Derek pulls out and dumps a thick load of sperm onto the sub’s stomach, that should teach this prick a lesson.

Toby is only moments behind, stoking his cock and delivering a sackful of Masters cum into the sub’s dirty little mouth.

But james would be wrong to think that these Tops would let him get off so lightly. Grasping the bowling ball Derek pulls it down with his whole body weight, restricting the sub’s ability to breath and throttling the cunt.

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