Session 133: Master Billy & Master Wayne

Handsome Tops Billy and Wayne are getting irked by the fawning sub serving them in the wedding hire shop. Bored with the whole thing Billy snaps when peter starts waffling on about rings and finger sizes; Time for the Masters to have some fun…

Pushing peter forward onto the sofa Master Billy rips open a massive hole in the sub’s underwear exposing its slutty bumhole. Lets see if the sub can guess Billy’s finger size by having them rammed up his arse. Realising that his two fingers are not going to touch the sides he slips in another two alongside them, finger fucking the sub with four fingers, sinking them in up to the knuckles.

Despite all the sub’s moaning and protests Billy doesn’t relent the anal assault, he’s having far too much fun trying to ruin it’s arse to care, even ordering the sub to spread it’s own buttocks apart so he can gain deeper access to it’s sloppy hole, gobbing extra lubrication onto his fingers as they pummel and stretch peter’s sphincter.

Master Wayne takes over finger fucking it’s arse while Billy gets his cock sucked hard in the sub’s warm wet mouth. All this vicious torment is making Billy and Wayne aroused; They decide to take out their sexual frustration on peter, humiliating him into the bargain, making it service their every desire.

Sub peter has been begging for a taste of the young men’s sperm from the moment he spied them walking into the fitting room. What better humiliation than to deny him what he most desires. He’ll get a taste of the Master’s hot sticky loads just not in the way he is expecting; He’ll be denied the pleasure of being fed from their perfect hard cocks…

Taking turns to fuck its arse and mouth, roasting the cunt to further ruin both holes, Master Billy is first to ejaculate while sitting on the sub’s face. Wayne cups his hand over the Top’s throbbing cock as Billy wanks himself closer and closer to orgasm, the sub’s dirty wet tongue licking and flicking at his anus.

As Billy’s cock fires thick ropes of white cum Wayne catches the spurting semen in his hand before depositing it all in his mouth, licking up the remaining dribbles from his fingers so nothing is wasted. The Tops kiss, locking lips as their tongues push Billy’s hot fresh sperm back and forth between their mouths in a sexy sloppy snowballing kiss.

Master Wayne finishes fucking the sub’s loose arse and brings his cock up to Billy’s already sperm fillied mouth to add his own weighty sackful into the mix.

Billy’s mouth is now loaded with the delicious concoction. Holding peter’s chin down to open it’s gullet Billy gobs the whole lot down the back of it’s throat. Lucky, fucking bastard.

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