Session 131: Master Derek & Master Toby

Gob-shite film maker james is about to find out just how far out-of-his-depth he’s got getting involved with these vicious gypsy bastards.

The stupid bottom probably took one look at handsome Tops Master Derek and Master Toby and only saw their roughish bad-boy qualities, not the danger that lies in-store if he fails to serve them exactly as they demand.

Derek has placed a black airtight hood on james. Not only is the sub blind, but his only means of breathing is via a mouth piece connected to a short rubber hose which his Master now controls. Derek can cut off this pathetic sub’s air supply any time he wants, just by squeezing the tube tightly in his strong hands. What a fiendish torment.

As james sucks urgently for air though the tube Derek places it over his hot sweaty crotch, stroking the open end across his piss slit, tainting the air james breathes with his masculine scent.

Tugging off his boxer shorts Derek bends over and sticks the end of the hose against his puckered arse hole, his pungent anal odour will be all that james can taste for the moment.

Master Derek revels in the complete control he has over his sub.

Master Toby enters sporting a very stiff penis that he intends for the sub to take care, not that james can see anything or even hear that much. Sitting down on the sofa, the Top strokes his erection as Derek manoeuvres the sub into position.

What a surprise james is about to get as he sits down onto Toby’s rock hard cock. As the Master takes his sexual pleasure, stretching the sub’s slutty anus with his hardon, Derek denies james any air as Toby relentlessly ploughs it’s hole; james gasps for breath when Derek allows him air…

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Duration: 14:34
Video: 700×394, AVC (H.264)

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