Session 13: Master Mike & Master Darren

Tied flat to a bench with Masters Mike and Darren, naked blondie knows he’s in for a good time. He is ready for anything the tops want to do to him. Without warning Darren drops his shorts and sits on blondie’s face, bouncing up and down with pleasure. That hairy crack is so wonderful to smell & lick and even better to have the top’s lovely genitals laying on your naked chest. Made to say how much he loves it the tops can gauge how much, and how little, their bottom can breathe. Darren steadily puts more and more pressure on the bottom.

The bottom knows better than to rile Darren and so thanks him every time he can catch a breath. He also pokes his inquisitive tongue right up his top’s ringpiece. Darren is enjoying his tongue bath so much he changes position so all blondie’s airholes are covered by his arse and Darren’s nuts are placed on the bottom’s forehead. But if there’s one thing tops don’t like its being taken advantage of. Darren reduces the amount of time blondie has for breathing while lengthening how long he covers the bottom’s face with his hairy arse. Eventually blondie is pleading for his torment to end, he is fit to pass out. Mike presses down on Master Darren’s shoulders to make things even worse and Darren already has his full weight on the bottom’s face, the two young tops laughing their heads off at the pathetic bottom struggling to breathe. Darren then delivers a fart into the bottom’s mouth with much hilarity.

Keen to get in on the fun Mike lifts up blondie’s legs and sticks his hard length straight into the blondie’s tight hole. The bottom can barely stand the pain but his swearing and cursing falls on deaf ears as he finds he is speaking to Darren’s hairy arse that once again descends onto his face.

The more blondie cries from pain wracking his poor little hole the more fun it is for the tops who high five one another as they continue roasting the whimpering little cunt. Darren lifts himself off blondie’s head for a moment before pissing on the bottom’s startled face. His anus systematically wrecked at one end and his face used as a urinal at the other poor blondie can’t believe what’s happening to him. Master Mike on the other hand has such fun using the bottom as a sextoy he pulls out of his burning hole and dumps bucketloads of cum over blondie. That he has helped a top unload his balls is ample reward for his pains. Remember blondie, they really are brutal.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 12:16
Video: 960×540, Windows Media Video 9, 2290kbps
Audio: 62kbps

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