Session 128: Master Derek & Master Toby

Gob-shite film maker james pushes his luck just a little too far when he meets with two no-nonsense bare-knuckle fighters for his new documentary ‘Big Fat Gypsy Bastards’. He wants to film them doing "everyday gypsy things" like fighting and grabbing…

The sub’s stereotyping pisses the Tops off from the get go, and things don’t improve for james when he insists they show some skin by fighting for him shirtless so he can record a few frames for his "producers". These two lads know exactly what james’ pervy game is, so if it’s a close encounter with 2 hard gypsy men that he wants, then that is exactly what he’ll get…

Grabbing the cunt Derek and Toby spirit him back to a quiet disused building where they won’t be disturbed. Ordering james to strip naked, Derek throws some punches and digs at the stupid prick, grabbing hold of the sub’s tiny cock and shriveled balls he lifts it off the floor, making it whimper and groan.

He wanted the gypsy lads to work up a sweat for his camera, now Derek and Toby use james’ mouth to freshen themselves up, getting a armpit tongue bath courtesy of the sub’s sloppy wet mouth.

James’ half-hearted attempt at detailing Derek’s stinky armpits brings out the worst in the Top. Using his muscular arms, Derek locks the sub’s head firmly into the dank crevice, ensuring james’ mouth is in full contact with the Master’s sweat soaked hair.

It was james’ loud mouth that got him on the wrong side of these lads, so what better punishment than using his throat as a fuck toy? Taking turns the Tops face fuck the cunt, damaging him on their big fat gypsy cocks, phlegm coating their stiff pricks as tears well up in the sub’s eyes from their relentless torment.

Enjoying every moment of their assault, the Top’s have another oral humiliation to dish out to james. Making him kneel before them, Derek and Toby use his mouth as a toilet, emptying a full bladder of Master’s piss into it and ordering james to swallow down every last drop of their pungent yellow nectar; Any spillage will be punished.

Format: flv
Duration: 19:08
Video: 700×394, FLV1, 900kbps
Audio: 46kbps

File size: 130.8 MB