Session 124: Master Derek & Master Guy

Motor mechanic Master Guy has installed a pathetic, undeserving sub in his service bay to clean & detail his deliciously hairy body. Guy’s furry armpits, arse crack and balls get really hot and sweaty after a long day confined in his overalls.

Master Derek joins with Guy and together they are going to use their thick cocks and rampant sexual energy to ruin this (lucky) sub at both ends, using its mouth and arse as their personal fuck toys.

If sub peter works hard and pleases his Masters he may just get rewarded with a taste of their hot fresh sperm, but these two demanding Tops will not accept any slacking, poor effort will be severely punished.

The bottom’s eager mouth gobbles down Guy’s thickening cock as he releases it over the top of his pristine white underwear, his large hairy nuts banging against the sub’s chin as peter chows down on Guy’s penis.

Master Derek watches from the sidelines, stripping naked and gently stroking his growing erection, barking orders at the sub as he prepares to swap places with Guy and get his own cock sucked in the useless little shit’s warm wet mouth.

Guy gives peter a little reminder of what happens to subs that don’t follow their Master’s orders to the letter. Gripping peter’s head he rams his erect cock deep down into the back of the sub’s throat, holding it there, damaging and gagging the cunt on his meaty member.

Master Derek pushes on the back of peter’s head, keeping Guy’s cock lodged in the back of it’s throat, the thick bush of Guy’s pubes scrubbing against the sub’s nose as the smell of musky crotch floods peter’s nostrils in his struggle for air.

Flipping the sub over onto the bonnet of a car the Top’s descend on it, hard cocks in hand they penetrate its arse and mouth, riding it at both ends and ruining each hole in their quest for sexual pleasure.

Master Guy is relentless, sinking his cock deep into peter’s anus and fucking him hard as he watches Derek ruin it’s mouth at the other end.

Pulling his cock out from it’s arse, Guy empties his balls into peter’s wet slutty mouth, ordering any dribbles to be licked up and eaten. Derek flips the sub onto it’s back and takes a turn in peter’s arse, his fat erection stretching the already ruined hole, aggressively pummeling it till it’s broken.

Derek pushes peter to his knees in front of him and milks a thick creamy load of Master’s spunk down the back of peter’s ruined throat.
Grabbing an oil can, Derek pours the filth over the sub’s head and face. Looking sorry for himself and sobbing, the Masters laugh and revel in peter’s humiliation, ruined at both ends and discarded like a used rag.

Format: flv
Duration: 12:02
Video: 700×394, FLV1, 798kbps
Audio: 46kbps

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