Session 123: Master Nick & Master Guy

Dirty underwear sniffer peter is banged up in a tiny prison cell with Master Nick and warden Guy.

Sexual tension hangs heavy in the air, weeks of pent up frustration push the Tops to their tipping point and sub peter is going to be on the receiving end of it all. He’s at the mercy of these inmates…

Nursing a growing erection Master Nick orders peter onto his knees in front of him. He’ll use the sub’s slutty wet mouth to service his cock and suck him hard.

Swapping back and forth like a relentless tag team, Nick and Guy take turns stuffing their thickening cocks deep into the back of peter’s throat, gripping his head tightly as they face fuck and gag the cunt, much to their amusement.

Having sucked both Masters perfect penises to stiff erections, peter is used at both ends by the Tops, a thick hard cock stuffed up his arse and down his throat at the same time, lucky bastard. Nick stretches peter’s anus to near ripping point as he fucks the useless prick, working out all his sexual frustrations at the same time on the scrawny sub’s rump.

To these Tops, peter is just another hole to fuck, somewhere to stick their cocks and take their pleasure.

Nick holds the sub’s head to one side so Master Guy can dump his load directly down peter’s throat, a spurt laces the sub’s cheek with white jizz which Guy pushes with his finger toward peter’s greedy lips and feeds him so not a morsel is wasted. What a filthy, messy cunt.

Nick plunges his fat cock a few more times deep between the sub’s arse cheeks and he is ready to unload as well, pulling out of the sub’s anus and coating its bum crack in thick white spunk.

Scooping his hand up between the sub’s buttocks Nick collects the sperm in the palm of his hand and across his fingers, pulling peter’s head back to deposit the load down its throat on top of Master Guys. What a dirty little cum whore…

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