Session 122: Master Derek & Master Guy

Derek is in Master Guy’s auto shop waiting for his car to be serviced. He’s busting to use the loo so Guy suggests they put his sub’s mouth to good use and use it as a toilet.

Taking turns, the Tops sit on the loo seat just inches above the toilet pig’s face, farting and squirting stinking effluent over its face.

Ordering peter to keep his mouth open and lap up the Master’s brown slurry seems to be falling on deaf ears, resulting in the useless prick getting a beating from Master Derek.

The Masters laugh to each other, enjoying the humiliation they are metering out on peter, squirting more and more of the dirty filth into his mouth and across his sorry-looking face.

Just when the sub thinks his ordeal might be coming to an end, Master Derek takes things up a notch, ramming a thick rubber dildo into the sub’s slutty arse while Guy fires more slurry from his bowel into peter’s face.

Pumping the dildo harder and deeper into the sub, Derek vents his pent up aggression on peter’s sore stretched anus.

With both Master’s bowels rinsed and drained they stand over peter, looking down at his pitiful, streaked face. Guy takes aim, pointing his cock at the sub’s mouth, emptying a full bladder of hot Master’s piss into it. Every drop of his precious nectar must be consumed or there will be trouble…

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Duration: 10:21
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