Session 120: Master Nick & Master Guy

Dirty underwear sniffer peter has been banged up in a Top’s prison where he’ll be at the mercy of the inmates, surrounded by muscular sex starved men… What a lucky fucker eh?

First he’s put through his paces by Master Guy, ordered to sniff the Master’s hot sweaty work boots that he’s been wearing all day. The eager bottom shuffles on his hands and knees to Guy’s boot, sniffing and licking the warm leather.

All the time Master Nick watches menacingly from his isolation cell just feet away, swiping and grabbing at the sub through the bars trying to get hold of the bottom.

Next peter has to sniff the prison officers hot dank crotch and perfect arse crack through his uniform before stripping the Master using just his mouth and teeth. One wrong move and Guy will punish him severely.

Standing in just his tight white underwear, Guy now puts the sub to work sniffing and nuzzling his bulging crotch through the thin material until finally instructed to remove them, again using just his teeth.

The naked Top makes peter worship his sweaty wet underarms, sniffing, licking and detailing the hairy pits with his tongue, cleaning away the mornings grim.

Pushing the sub onto his back on the floor Master Guy squats over the undeserving cunt’s face to have his hairy arse crack sniffed. Getting a bit too eager to taste his Master’s sweaty treat, peter takes a lick before he has been given permission to do so.

The angry officer knows just how to punish this kind of insubordination. Grabbing his keys he opens the door to Nick’s cell and throws the useless fucking sub into the psycho’s cage.

Instantly Nick has the sub up against the wall by his throat, punishing punches to it’s gut wind peter as he is dumped over the other side of the cell by the muscular Top. Following the Top’s orders to the letter is the only hope he has of surviving inside the cage with Nick.

Cropped with his Master’s belt on his back, angry red welts stripe the sub’s skin as he obeys Nick’s every command, sniffing and licking dirt from the prison bars where Nick has wiped his sweaty arse crack up and down.

Master Nick has another task for peter’s sloppy wet tongue – servicing his thick hard cock while Master Guy rams his prison night stick up the sub’s arse…

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