Session 12: Master Maurice & Master Chris

Master Maurice wonders that his new running shorts are too sexy. Without any underwear his generously sized cock and balls bounce around freely creating quite the scene when he’s outside training. He teases naked Tattoo, asking him what he thinks. Tattoo is allowed to sniff around the Master’s cock and balls and can’t help playing with his own twitching cock.
These shorts really are so thin that Mo can pull them easily up his arsecrack. Then the teased bottom is allowed to bury his face in the Master’s arse. The top even pulls the fabric to one side so Tattoo can touch Mo’s sumptuous arsehole with his nose. Next Mo turns around, pulls the shorts up and Tattoo is allowed to sniff around the Master’s pubes. What can be up that Tattoo is allowed such luxuries? Master Mo instructs Tattoo that he is not to cum without permission.

In walks Master Chris, straight from the rain-soaked rugby ground, his muscles covered in fresh wet mud and sweat. Chris shows the positions he gets into during the match on all fours with his sweaty arse pointing in the air. Tattoo must be the luckiest bottom ever as he is allowed to touch his own cock while licking and sniffing around Master Chris’s muddy arse.

Masters Chris and Maurice want to get reacquainted so leave their bottom to play with himself at their feet. The 2 tops admire each other’s bodies, stripping each other and touching each other lovingly. They compare and touch their cocks, pulling them inches away from Tattoo’s startled eyes. The bottom cannot believe what he’s seeing as the two tops start kissing each other like lovers and then grab and grope one another’s buttocks and holes. The 2 guys seem really hot for each other in a way never seen before. Tattoo has to watch the erotic display and can only imagine what it must be like to have such tenderness bestowed on him! Chris shoves his thumb up Maurice’s arse and the top appears to be in absolute ecstasy. But at the height of his own pleasure he is careful to reach back and tease the bottom’s nuts. Together the 2 tops make sure that Tattoo can clearly see Master Mo’s anal stimulation. The bottom has a grin on his face like all his Christmases have come at once!

Just when he thinks the world has been turned on its head the tops continue to kiss each other passionately but Maurice turns and instructs Tattoo that despite his hardon he is no longer allowed to touch himself. The penny drops. It is all an elaborate tease with Tattoo as the loser. Tattoo has been made to edge himself in one of the cruellest ways imaginable. Tattoo’s face is a picture of despair but he still can’t bring himself to understand how nasty the tops are being. He instinctively begs to be allowed to cum. To prove it he must lick Master Chris’s stinking muddy rugby boots. A mouthful of mud and grass later and Tattoo is understanding just how desperate and pathetic he has become. The loving couple of earlier have quickly returned to being aggressive tops. With his tormented hard cock twitching in the air Tattoo is fed sods of earth. But he would do this and more just to be allowed release. What earlier looked like a treat has so quickly turned into the most degrading session of Tattoo’s life. But more is to come. Master Chris rakes Tattoo’s cock and then treads on it with his boots. Tattoo knows he’d really better do as he’s told, and that means licking ALL the mud and grass from Chris’s boots, socks and body. Just as Tattoo thinks he’s going to get what he wants Mo brings out a stainless steel chastity collar and fits it onto Tattoo’s cock. Unfortunately the mere handling of his cock by Master Mo causes him to grow an erection that is painfully throttled by the device. The horrendous instrument is locked into place. From now on ALL Tattoo’s genital pleasure is to be rationed.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 40:23
Video: 960×540, Windows Media Video 9, 2579kbps
Audio: 62kbps

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